Monday, April 30, 2012

Best Baptism Ever!!!

Kenny looked super happy about prom and with taking getting the car. I was surprised but happy that Susan lent him the car. It totally reminded me of when I went to prom. Thank you for the pictures Dad!

By the way Mom, here in south America they just made it possible for men at the age of 18 to leave because here in south America the church loses a lot more men because they graduate from high school and right away go to college where they just start their life and get caught up in worldly stuff and so they try to catch them before they go but I'm not sure if they will make it like that in the states.

Well it has been really cold this past week and my companion and I both have been a little sick but fighting it by taking medicine, I'm glad I came to Chile with the box of Emergen-C, that helped a lot. All this cold weather has made me want to listen to Christmas music.

So this week has been a great one ending with a baptism. It was super amazing and the ward was their supporting us the whole time and so to begin we got to the chapel and we found our investigator family their sitting waiting for us and they actually got their an hour early because they forgot about the hour change (which was yesterday for us) and so that was super surprising and awesome to see them. I was nervous that we would have to lead and be at their side the whole time but all the members got up to say hi to them and to get to know them and one of her daughters has a friend there as well and also the mom found out that one of her friends is a member as well and so that was really comforting. They stayed for the whole four hours including the baptism, I think she really liked it all and her kids were taken away by the youth to their classes (which doesn't happen much here in Chile) and so that's why I love this ward, there is always support and so the kids were invited to activities and felt welcome. Also the bishop ended up talking with her and she will be getting help with food until her husband comes home in July. She still doesn't have that answer that she is looking for but she is doing all the things possible to receive one and so we are praying for her and her family that she does and that she can recognize it.

The baptism started and the girl getting baptized was super nervous but her parents had told me that before coming to church she went into her room to say a prayer to not be nervous. She's a cute little girl. Also in the baptism her family was able to be their even thought they weren't members and the stake president spoke and the spirit was very strong and after some sisters from the ward sang whenever I look for rainbows, I'm not sure if that what it called but it's a primary song and it's a powerful song and it was hard for me not to cry, it was funny though cause whenever someone sings a song she would get up and sing as well and us four elder sang a song too and she just sat in front of us to look and listen, she just wanted it all to herself. Ha-ha it was probably one of the best baptisms I have been to in Chile. Very good! I couldn't have asked for one better.

And so for the whole roommate thing, I don't know the full names of some of the people cause after all I only knew them as elders. But some of the names are Jason Mathews, Jordan Harris, Lyman McKnight and that is all I know. If you need more info. Just let me know because I'm not sure how it's all done but thank you mom for doing it all.

I'm super excited to talk to you all and can't wait to see you  live! Lol yes we will be doing Skype again but I can't remember my account number or password so if you could get that to me this next week that would be fantastic. But I will most likely call between 1:00 and 1:30 your time.

Also I have a little surprise for you all. Lol Well I set up an account with shutterfly and so I put almost all my pictures on the website. there you will have like 350 pictures uploaded, they aren't in the best quality but you have them now safe and sound. I know crazy huh? Ha-ha I have like 100 more pictures that I still haven't put on yet and you know that I had like 300 deleted but there you go. Tell me what you think.

Well love you all and hope and pray all goes well with the family this week!

Con Amor
-Elder Pedersen

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