Monday, April 16, 2012

Stake Youth Conference...

Well, yes I was kind of sad at the fact that I didn't get your letter last week, maybe thats why I didn't write too much. I was happy that at least Dad wrote me but mom is the one who gives the juicy information. Ha-ha Well thanks for the photo and yes I talked to Skyler and he told me that he had seen Scherstan or however you spell it and he said it was weird but cool at the same time.

Well this week was full of crazy stuff with first us having a missionary day with all the kids (jovenes) of the stake and us as zone leaders, members of the high counsel and president Laycock set it up and on Saturday we started off studying with all the kids with the appropriate age and we studied the new 12 week program for new missionaries and so that was fun, the kid who was with me was way awesome and he asked tons of questions and we talk about our experiences before the mission and I gave him advice and then we listened to the stake president and then ate lunch and then left to work in each sector. We worked hard and walked around a lot as well. He walked around for about 1 hour and he couldn't believe that we did that every day and he kept telling me how dedicating this all was, I think I'm just so used to it that I don't realize. We then came back and president Laycock spoke to us and he really got the young men motivated to serve a mission and he also gave them some things that they need to have a testimony of and he testified to humbly but powerfully and the spirit was really strong. We next heard from a member of the high counsel and I think he got intimidated by presidents talk cause he said when he first got up that he really set the bar high for That's my president

It was a great day and the joven that I went with really loved it and it all turned out great and he told me that he now had even more desired to serve a mission and then I gave him a copy of preach my gospel that he didn't have and he was excited to read it and prepare cause he had already started his papers.

We also have been teaching a less active family and the daughter is about 9 and supper smart as well, they have all came to the church many times and now are active and the daughter absolutely loves us and she always wants to give us hugs. We have taught her up to the gospel of Jesus Christ and I asked her to pray to know if this is all true so she can feel the spirit and have a surety and she said ¨but I already know Joseph smith is a prophet¨ it was supper cute. I love teaching her and she always invites her friends over too which they all pay a lot of attention.

Well we had changes last night and knew I was staying but I was scared who was going to be my companion or if I was going to be comps. with a zone leader or not and so we got the call and said my companion was leaving and that the other elder was staying and getting a new comp. and so basically they told us today that I'm comps with Elder Walker from Las Vegas who was the one that was already here with me and so I was super excited knowing that we both have experience and that we were in the same MTC group and so it will be a fun change.

Also president talked to us today to the entire mission and like always it was absolutely awesome! He shared with us the parable about the 10 virgins but made it the 10 missionaries teaching us how to fill our lamps up with oil and not be the 5 foolish elders and he told us 5 things to do to take as a guide the spirit and not be fools. He said if we fall we can get right back up and continue and win, it's all possible through Christ! There was much more but you catch my drift ha-ha. President and his wife then gave each person a vessel of oil that was taken directly from the olive trees in Gethsemane in Jerusalem witch was also consecrated there as well to let us always remember to get up if my fall and to fill out lamps up. Isn't that awesome! They had a friend help them do it.

Well I want pictures of Ella; I'm so glad that she is supper healthy and Shanna is happy.

Also I was talking to a couple of missionaries that are going to BYU-I and I they told me to live with them. They are living in the Nauvoo house and so try and get me their k? I'm not exactly sure what info you need to do that but let me know k?

Well I love you all and thank you for the letter and prayers and motivation, keep safe and tell Kenny that his letter that I sent him is on its way.

Con Amor,

Elder Pedersen

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