Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Great Week!!


Well that was a big ear full of information received today. I love when I get mail enough that takes me up to 45 min to finish reading it all!

Thank you for the pictures which is something that I do not do (send pictures) but don't worry you will be able to see them all in a few months or at least the ones I didn't lose.

I'm jealous that you were all able to see Chanelle perform this last week but it's all good I will have all the time in the world to see her perform at BYU I when I'm there and cheer for her. I was surprised that it was dads first time seeing Chanelle perform; I could have sworn that he had seen her here at college. The wig and the costume of Chanelle were awesome! It seemed to have turned out amazing. It's insane how many times that you and Shanna have gone to go see Chanelle, man she's spoiled ha-ha but I guess she deserves it. But come on you sent her an Easter package when she was in college. By the way did Chanelle know that you all were going to see her when leaving Medford?

Well this week has been a great one for me and my companion, we are having a lot of fun which makes the weeks fly by and it kind of scares me but makes me excited. I just don't want to get to the end of the mission with any little bit of regrets about anything, of course a mission won't be perfect ever but I can at least try and try my best. This sector is a little hard but we are working hard as well not trying to get discouraged even though we both have the same time out on the mission, I am setting goals for the rest of my mission and they are being achieved which excites me into wanting to become better.

This week we have been teaching a couple of people and reactivating a bunch of people as well. For instance we received a reference from the church that a lady had contacted the church through mormon.org and so we went by and it was a family of 4 that had moved here form Argentina and the dad had left to the states to go take care of his mom cause she was dying and while he was their she passed away and so before she died she told him to investigate the Mormon church cause she was a member and so he ended up finding the church and receiving an answer and becoming baptized and now he is trying to help his wife get an answer and so now we are teaching her and she really wants to know if the church is true and we have been praying and so has she to know and the last time we passed by the house her husband was on Skype and so we got to know him and we taught her with him being there and it was kind of funny but cool. He is over in the states trying to pay off his moms bills and do a bunch of stuff which leaves them without money and without a dad here, so I feel bad for them but the gospel can really lighten up their life cause the mom really feels like she is in a black hole but I feel that with her husband she will come to know. The husband also told us that he had to stop smoking and it was super hard for him but he did it and has read many books of the church and so he has a strong testimony so we are excited to see their progress.

We also are teaching the same little girl and we actually set a baptismal date for her for this next week and so we are super excited. She is super cute and she goes to primary and tells the teacher all that she is learning from us and also she remembers a lot of what we teach her which is surprising for a 9 year old, it's still super weird to think that she is the same age as McKenna cause I cant imagine her that big yet. So I will tell you how the baptism goes.

Also this week my companion and I went to some random ladies house and she was renovating her house and so she had to take down the roof but she didn't want to pay anyone to do it for tons of money and so a kid in the ward told the lady that we could do it since we are always asking people to do service and so he volunteered us and so she asked us how much we charged we said nothing and so I think she took advantage of us but it was fun so we didn't care, I almost fell through the roof a couple time since the roof was so weak but luckily nobody got hurt. We actually told the lady that instead of paying us money she could listen to all the lessons that we have to share and so she agreed, so we will see how that goes!

There was also a baptism in the ward, well I didn't have one but the other elders were teaching them. It was a mom and a daughter. It went pretty well, I wouldn't say united states style but it was still good and me, my companion, another elder and a kid from the ward who was the main character in the 50 years of Chile celebration all sang Nearer my God to me and it went really good, better than I thought since we hadn't practiced at all.

I love this ward more and more since I know the members better now than before and the members love us as well and are too good to us, the members are always taking care of us.

Well about the whole rooming thing with mason, remember when I said last week that there are a couple of elders from my mission that are rooming together in BYU I? Well I got a E-mail from one saying that he wanted me to room with them, I know all except one but they all served here and so I told him to save me the one spot left in the apartment they were staying at which he told me was the Nauvoo house it's called. I'm not sure how much everything would cost, I have no idea but I think it would be a blast. Just let me know what you think yeah?

Well I love you all and you are all in my prayers. By the way Kenny's letter should get to him this week.

Con Amor,
 Elder Pedersen

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