Monday, August 29, 2011

The Testaments...

Thank you for the pictures, man it's crazy to see them all and Skyler and I not being in them but I guess that's how its needs to be. I feel like time is flying when I see pictures like that and tons of little kids running around. But it seems like over all it was fun.

By the way the prophet doesn't come until September and we still don't know exactly what's going to happen but I'm ecstatic and can't hardly wait.

This week was a normal week but it ended great. We are teaching a guy named Elias and his mom. We went over their yesterday and watched The Testaments because some guy in the ward where his brother attends gave it to him for his family to watch and so they wanted to watch it with us. I explained what it was about, and other people of the family were there as well so that's why I had to explain it, so we watched it and when the movie began I started praying so hard so that they would feel the spirit and feel a desire to change and act. And even though I had watched that movie so many times I felt the Spirit super strong testifying to me that it was true and by the end of the movie I looked over and they were all bawling and so I testified that Christ truly came to the Americas and they knew it and I testified that Jesus wasn't just born to bless those in Jerusalem but the whole world and they said that they had never heard of something like that but they knew it was true. I then had a flashback of when I saw that movie for the first time and the spirit testified to a 14 year old boy of these things and when I didn't know what I was feeling I expressed them through crying in the bathroom of the restaurant we were at.

I knew I had a testimony of these things and everyday I'm blessed with the spirit continuing to testify to me and after the lesson I gave thanks to Heavenly Father for hearing me. I felt so blessed to be an instrument in the hands of God to bring the Spirit into the homes of those I teach.

At the end of the lesson they promised to read, pray and go to church. I'm excited to help them progress on the road to baptism.

I can't believe that all of the boys are going into high school! That's insane. McKenna must be getting supper spoiled.

Well sorry this is a short letter but I don't have tons of time. But I love you all and I pray for you all everyday

Have a great week!
Con Amor,
Elder Pedersen

P.S. I'm glad you're sending me a photo book, People love when I show them pictures and plus I like having them too.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Let it snow...

Sorry for the delay with the letter but we were doing things today for p day and we ended up being pretty far away from our sector and we just got done looking and walking around so I was pretty tired so we tried coming back to the sector and ended up waiting so long for a bus to take us back; we by the way are the only sector in the zone that has to take micros (buses) and so we were waiting forever so we finally got to the computer place and I couldn't log on for the longest time cause apparently somebody was already on my e-mail account so that kind of made me frustrated but I'm here now so it's all good.

I can't believe that Dad got released from the bishopric; it's crazy to think that he was serving for 4 and half years, doesn't even seem so. I'm excited to see how he takes it; I think he will do really well. I always looked at bro. Bennion and Dad as very great and inspiring teachers for the youth. It's was funny when you said that as people get older it gets hard for them to change and I have found that it's so true because we are teaching a family right now where none of them believe in God, and the son doesn't believe in anything and I could tell that it could be hard to teach them because they have been raised with those belief's but that's why the spirit is the only one that can change people. We went over their this Sunday and we had a really good lesson, I got to know them and they seemed like a really united family and so I focused on families and I really felt the Spirit while teaching them and I could tell that the family was curious when I talked about how the relationships that they have as a family can last forever and that we are not only here to live and die and cease to exist, that God has a plan for the families. I almost felt like crying just thinking how comforting and peaceful it is to know I can be with my family forever. I really think they understood and felt the Spirit as I taught them. So yes only the Spirit can change us even if it's a difficult change.

This week has been a good one, it's been hard because the only people we are teaching can only be taught at night so it's kind of hard, but they are progressing and reading but the only thing that is hard is to get them to come to church, it's the most frustrating thing when you have people promise you and just are so close to being able to be baptized but then none of them show up. We actually are, for right now at least, working with less actives and they are going to church and they love when they come to church. But for this past week it's been kind of hard because our investigators are at bay but so close at the same time.

This last week was also hard because it got colder here than any other time since I have been here in Chile and it actually snowed. The city where I am at is called Puente Alto and they say that it hasn't snowed for 3 years but on Wednesday it did which made it hard too because we would go by people's houses or knock doors and people would say oh I would love to have you come in but it's too cold, come back another day. So yeah it kind of sucked for us because nobody would let us in. Harsh huh? But I got some cool pictures of the mountains with tons of snow on it so that was cool. They also cancelled mutual that day because it was too cold, and what was funny is that it wasn't really even that cold. I guess they are just not used to it.

I love being a part of this work though, it is hard and requires many spiritual attributes and spiritual help but it's all worth it. I love being an instrument in the hands of the Lord. Doing it right brings one of the greatest satisfactions.

I love you all and am thankful for all your prayers, I feel them each day and I know your all rooting for me every step of the way.

I love you all, stay strong
Con Amor.
Elder Pedersen

Monday, August 15, 2011

Modern Day Miracles...

Gosh it seems like you all had the craziest week ever! I cannot believe that BreAnne is married! It's kind of sad to not be able to be there to see it but I can at least receive pictures and know that it was amazing. I feel like so many things are happening back at home, it's insane! I probably won't even recognize the people or place when I return. I felt like Danny Berger just left a bit ago, time really fly's when you're having fun! By the way I still want more pictures of the wedding and everything. It's crazy when a close cousin gets married but it's also comforting to know that another close cousin is in Chile missing it too.

To start off this week has been a lot better and I want to thank Shanna for the pictures that she sent, I got a load of them and it made me happy lol. My sisters always come through, I got filled in on a lot of things that have already happened that I didn't know about, for instance I didn't know that you all went to Sunriver but the pictures that Shanna took were awesome! She is a way good photographer or however you spell it.

My talk went great, it was on missionary work like always and I was nervous that Elder Perez wouldn't take the time that he was supposed to, but it ended up good and people said I did a great job. I talked about determination in this work and in finding the children of God that are lost by sharing the story about Robert Moyal who wrote the words on the Salt Lake City Temple; "Holiness To The Lord". If you don't know the story you should read it because it's a great example of diligence in the Lords service.

All the talk about home coming talks makes me worried that I can come home and do it in English. That will be a it was actually weird because I got a really bad cold on Friday and on Saturday I woke up not feeling well at all and I was worried I would not be able to give the talk but surprisingly I kept working during the day even though it was miserable and it slowly went away, I never had a cold last for so short a period of time. I think the Lord really wanted me to speak.

This week was a good one, we were able to see the Lords hand cause we were able to find many people and  receive a lot of referrals of people who seem golden, so I'm excited for this next week. We have been teaching a guy we found that was actually a referral and we taught him and he is golden as well, when we taught him  he said that he already knows that these things are true because his brother was baptized last week and he and his mom went to his baptism and felt something amazing, so YES I asked him to be baptized but he said that that is the hardest part so we invited him to keep reading and praying and we passed by last night and his mom is cool too and interested.

So a lot of people are coming out of the wood work to teach so I'm excited, I have definitely been praying to my Heavenly Father a lot, I'm learning to always keep a prayer in my heart in everything I do so I act in accordance with the will of my Heavenly Father.

I'm not sure if you have heard about the catholic church down here but a lot of people are leaving the church because catholic priests have been accused of raping children and doing other stuff that is wrong and so it's making it easier to get into people's houses, but really sad. Also you probably have heard but the children and parents are rioting to get the price of schools reduced because its way too high and so right now no one is going to school and basically the teenagers are in control of the schools, so they have lost a lot of time for studies. It's crazy, we pass by some schools and chairs are on the gates of the school and paint on the school. And sometimes people come out at night and with pots and pans bang on them, it's just weird.

It's so crazy but I feel like I'm really understanding and learning why I'm here in this sector and I'm learning greatly why I'm with my comp., I really am learning like Dad said about his mission when he got put into a certain area how much I really can do as a person, I go into lessons sometimes and say to myself how in the world am I going to teach this lesson in another language and make it so people feel the spirit and gain our trust to let us back in their home and it surprisingly works out and I wonder how it's done, if I go everywhere with the spirit I don't ever have to worry. Charity and patience are playing a big role in my life right now more than it ever has and the things that I am learning make me grateful for the time I have to serve these people in Chile even though it may be hard at times, I'm learning how much I really love this gospel and sharing it it's such an enriching experience. Even if there is just one time during the day that I get to share the message of the restoration it brightens my day. And it's because it's all true.

I love the fact that I'm here with Skyler as of this week, actually a couple of missionaries that were in his district in the MTC are actually in my zone so I see them a lot so it's kind of cool. I'm excited for the experiences he will have because he has a lot ahead of him. He showed me pictures and it actually looks just like he is in the same sector as me, it looks exactly like where I'm at.

Well I miss all of you; you all look really good in the pictures that Shanna sent. You all look a lot older. I was looking through all the pictures smiling the entire time.

I love you all
Work hard, play hard

Con Amor,
Elder Pedersen

P.S. The picture uploader is the thing you plug into the computer and you can plug your memory card into it.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Another family member in Chile...Welcome Skyler!!

Querida familia,

Thank you for the letters. Every week I run to see what letters have come and I love the videos and the pictures that you sent me as well. Man I miss you all a lot and no it doesn't mean stop sending pictures cause that only helps. Yesterday was changes and I actually stayed with my companion elder Perez which I figured anyway because the new training program is a 12 week process and so we kind of figured that we would both be staying. This change has gone by so fast and at the same time a little slow because we haven't had lots of investigators. We have a lot now but it's a matter of getting them to progress towards baptism. We also went to change concilios where all the missionaries go to find out what the changes are and President Laycock spoke to us and really made me want to do my very best this change because I know that if I try my hardest the Lord will put people in my way that are prepared to hear this message because I know there are people out there. This Change has kind of felt like an emotional roller coaster with a combination of things but with training and all I have learned a lot and it has made me look for strength from my Heavenly Father in every moment. There is a lot of things that make a great missionary but instead of boggling my mind with all the stuff I need to be and do, I know if I just walk with an eye single to the glory of God in everything I do the Lord will help me and support me through all my trials. My call as a missionary is amazing and we as missionaries shouldn't always fill our head with things we need to do and be to be a perfect missionary but instead be humble so the Lord can form us into what He wants us to be, because we are all trying here and I have found that the mission is the ground or playing field to be a better person. Humility is the key.

Also Mom I loved the idea you gave me that you got from Sister Dunn. I have to speak this next week in sacrament meeting so I will mention it in my talk and invite them to do it. Truly members are the way to finding people. The girl that I was teaching in las condez was found by a member and she was just recently baptized which by the way I really wanted to see because it was an awesome experience teaching her.

It's so crazy how fast time flies in the mission. Today my trainer elder Johnson left to go home and I couldn't believe it because he hit his year mark when he was with me and now he is going home. He told me that the time flies and that the second year goes even faster so enjoy it. I was really sad that he was leaving because I really looked up to him as a missionary and now he is on his way home! So many people left today that were where I am now when I got here. It kind of made me sad and now the mission is super young.

I also loved the quote that Kenny gave, I like it a lot. I'm glad he had a great time, he is growing a lot. Also I thought I might add that Kellin looks so big, gosh get that kid on weights and he will be huge, I saw the picture and I seriously thought for the longest time that he was Jonathan. He just looks a lot older. And McKenna is so cute still which I love; she can't leave that stage until I get

Also I can't believe that Skyler is on his way to Chile! Man he will be a stud missionary, I'm excited to hear his view point about Chile. I'm ecstatic for him and it's even crazier that I will only be 30 min away from him. Crazy huh?

I love you all to pieces and I pray for you all everyday

Tengan una buena semana!
-Elder Pedersen

Monday, August 1, 2011

With God, nothing is impossible!!

That is why I love getting letters from the family each week and why I hit p day with anticipation. They are all super uplifting and it encourages me and gives me energy to hit the next week running.

Man I’m way proud of Dad for running that marathon, I know I walk all day but I can’t run for 10 min. without being wiped-out. I loved the analogy that Dad gave me; I liked the fact that you were able to apply it to the gospel. It’s what President Laycock told me to do, to always look for those testimonies around us and always apply those things to the gospel because sometimes we are surprised how much we will see.

This week has definitely been a better week and I could feel the spiritual push that your prayers gave to me. It’s crazy to think that this change is almost over and next week I will be starting already a new change with Elder Perez. We were able to find a lot of people this last week and we tried to work hard and from it we were able to do a lot of work in the sector.

My companion and I are doing better because two nights ago he just started talking to me about how much of a burden I had on me from training, being district leader and being white washed, then he said with the attitude that he had sometimes he can imagine how much harder he was making it on me. He just started going off on how much of a hot head and whiner he is and I think he felt bad about it and he said it took him until now to realize how much more pressure he had put on me and that I was just able to take it. So we are doing good and getting along and because of that the work has been going a lot better. Because when you actually have a companion by your side helping and trying along with you the work is a lot more enjoyable.

We also had interviews with President that was really good. I have such respect for him and his wife. He is truly a man who looks for the guidance of the Lord in everything he does. I learn something every time I go in for an interview and one of the things He told me was that through perseverance and diligence you can do anything and I know that to be true, he also told me that I can truly change the life of the person I am training because that’s how it was for him. I only hope I can live up to that. But I know if I push through everything with diligence and perseverance and with an eye single to the glory of God, anything is possible. I don’t just want to go through the motions of things just going throughout the day but truly have the desire to find the children of God who are waiting for me. I know I’m not the perfect missionary but I’m doing this work and I’m trying my hardest. I don’t want to go back and I can’t go back, the only way to go is forward; to become the well refined Elder Pedersen.

So how long are you all staying in Utah? I can’t believe Chanelle is going boating with all her friends and stuff. That’s way cool that she got to see her old companions. I was laughing when you talked about her Dad, that’s sad but I can just imagine how dad reacted to it lol, yeah like you said it’s a good thing the other boys didn’t go.

I’m so thankful for all you guys and your prayers, I love you all. Work hard and stay strong.

Con Mucho Amor,
Elder Pedersen

P.S. Is Devin working on his papers?
I haven’t had a chance to talk to him in a while.
And what I desperately need is a picture up loader so
I can send pictures to you all.