Monday, March 19, 2012


Thank you mom and dad so much for your testimonies. I love hearing the testimony of both you and dad. You make me want to do better and try harder. Your testimonies lead me to want to not only respect the name of the family that I carry around with me but also the name of the Savior that I took upon me and helps me and reminds me to push harder. There is no greater cause than this one and I only have a couple months left to be in it as a missionary. Thank you for reminding me and motivating me, I think it was the words I needed and will need later on.
Speaking of the spirit, I actually had to speak yesterday about the spirit, and how they do it here is they usually tend to tell you of the assignment the day before so the bishop gave me the opportunity to speak even though I've only had so little time in the ward and its funny cause I just spoke the week before I left my last ward and so do is giving me many opportunities to speak and to become better I think.
I spoke and it went really well, it probably wasn't the best talk but I gave it  following the spirit and the spirit really guided me. I was glad I talked on the spirit cause in these last few months of my mission I have really understood the importance of the spirit. I told the members that if we want to be successful in this life and progress, we need to fight for the spirit daily, and to do so and I explained that it easy to make wrong decisions in the world today and to become deceived by all the rumors and ideas which makes having the spirit even more important in our lives to fill us with joy and the desire to make right decisions. I as well explained the difference between the power of the Holy Ghost and the gift of the Holy Ghost.
I also said many other things, I think it was a good talk and people seemed to like it.
This sector is pretty hard and there is a lot of rejection, so I'm trying to look for that Spirit to keep my spirits  high.
SO right now we are basically looking and teaching less actives and so I'm hoping it all goes well in that area.

So how is Shanna coming along? I'm really excited for the baby, I can't wait! I want to see more pictures even though Shanna already sent me a bunch.

I'm super excited for General Conference you have no idea and I don't know why. Well I do know why, but I'm overly excited!!
Well I love you all and stay safe.
I hope all the boys are doing well, I've been praying for them all. 

Keep going forward. 

Shall we not go on in such great a cause?

Con Amor,
Elder Pedersen

Monday, March 12, 2012

Doing well in my new ward...

That’s way awesome that Jordan might be coming home early! That would be cool if it was the same week.
I seriously cant believe either how fast the time Is going by I cant believe it and part of me can’t wait to come home and see everyone, half of me is kind of ready but the other half of me is aware of the fact that I will get thrown into reality and I feel like I’m still not the perfect missionary yet but I know I will never be the perfect one but I’m shooting for it and that’s the most important part.
That funny that you mentioned that it was my birthday in 3 weeks cause I actually forgot about it, like I knew it was coming up but I was more focused on the fact that General Conference is coming up!
Well this week was a little slow but still a good one, it’s a lot more fun living with four missionaries and it seems like the time goes by super fast especially cause I’m living with an Elder that was in my same district in the MTC and so sometimes its fun to talk about home but at the same time it gets us a little trunky. lol
The work is super slow here and when we knock doors nobody wants to listen to us and so it’s kind of frustrating because it makes it hard to not say rude things to them and love them but we are trying and it’s still going and also the members help us a lot and there is a lot of cool kids in the ward that go with us! I like the ward already and so I’m getting to know a lot of cool people so far, it’s just the sector that is a little difficult.
The zone leader position is going well, it just feels really weird and I don’t really feel like I’m a leader but it helps me with reaching out to other people. Mom you know how I am, I’m more of a one on one person lol, but I think that I will get used to it after a little bit.
Well this is a short letter but I will try to send some pictures to make up for the lack. Ha-ha Pictures say it all anyway!
Love you and can’t wait to be an uncle!!
-Elder Pedersen

Monday, March 5, 2012

Zone Leader!

Sent from your IPad? Wow that’s nice. Lol

Well as you knows today we had changes and I left my sector after only being there for 7 weeks. But it’s all good, at least I got to get to know the ward pretty well in that last sector. I was kind of mad because I got there with nothing and we were preparing two people to get baptized, but like you said the Lord has the blue prints and knows what I am supposed to be. Also that idea helped me because today we all got our changes and President asked me to be the new Zone Leader. Crazy huh? I thought I would get through the mission without having to be Zone Leader. Well it just affirms the quote that says ¨God comforts the afflicted and afflicts the comfortable¨. I don’t feel like I’m such an amazing missionary, but I guess I’m in this position to help others and for me to grow. But overall I’m excited because I’m zone leader with a Elder that I came with and he's pretty tight. The only thing that’s kind of lame is that I’m not companions with him. We live with four so he has his comp. and I have mine and mine is from Paraguay and is really quiet but I will get him to open up more, also the other one we live with is a bit quiet as well.

I’m jealous that you were able to go see Chanelle dance. I can’t wait! Seriously I’m so stoked!! Also that you say its freezing there, that sounds soo good!

I can’t believe that you were able to see and talk to Elder Guarro. I thought you would have totally forgotten about that. It’s funny because I actually was reading in my journal that I brought with me before the mission and one entry was about the cool experience that I had with him. SO that’s funny and awesome to know that I will be able to see him at BYU.

Well yesterday we had stake conference with all of the Santiago Mission and Elder Perry, Andersen and Sister Beck spoke through satellite and it was pretty good. Of course it’s always better to hear them in English but it was cool because I got to hear them speak Spanish except Elder Perry because he couldn’t. But Elder Andersen spoke on tithing and Elder Perry on the importance of the Book of Mormon in our lives.

Also I’m glad that you were able to get the videos and the pictures. Did you get all the videos? They’re not as great as the ones that Chanelle took on her mission but whatever.

Also I wanted to ask you if you knew about the classes that I will be taking. And when I need to sign up for them?

Well sorry for the short letter but I love you all. Pray for me.

Con Amor,
Elder Pedersen