Monday, March 12, 2012

Doing well in my new ward...

That’s way awesome that Jordan might be coming home early! That would be cool if it was the same week.
I seriously cant believe either how fast the time Is going by I cant believe it and part of me can’t wait to come home and see everyone, half of me is kind of ready but the other half of me is aware of the fact that I will get thrown into reality and I feel like I’m still not the perfect missionary yet but I know I will never be the perfect one but I’m shooting for it and that’s the most important part.
That funny that you mentioned that it was my birthday in 3 weeks cause I actually forgot about it, like I knew it was coming up but I was more focused on the fact that General Conference is coming up!
Well this week was a little slow but still a good one, it’s a lot more fun living with four missionaries and it seems like the time goes by super fast especially cause I’m living with an Elder that was in my same district in the MTC and so sometimes its fun to talk about home but at the same time it gets us a little trunky. lol
The work is super slow here and when we knock doors nobody wants to listen to us and so it’s kind of frustrating because it makes it hard to not say rude things to them and love them but we are trying and it’s still going and also the members help us a lot and there is a lot of cool kids in the ward that go with us! I like the ward already and so I’m getting to know a lot of cool people so far, it’s just the sector that is a little difficult.
The zone leader position is going well, it just feels really weird and I don’t really feel like I’m a leader but it helps me with reaching out to other people. Mom you know how I am, I’m more of a one on one person lol, but I think that I will get used to it after a little bit.
Well this is a short letter but I will try to send some pictures to make up for the lack. Ha-ha Pictures say it all anyway!
Love you and can’t wait to be an uncle!!
-Elder Pedersen

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