Monday, March 5, 2012

Zone Leader!

Sent from your IPad? Wow that’s nice. Lol

Well as you knows today we had changes and I left my sector after only being there for 7 weeks. But it’s all good, at least I got to get to know the ward pretty well in that last sector. I was kind of mad because I got there with nothing and we were preparing two people to get baptized, but like you said the Lord has the blue prints and knows what I am supposed to be. Also that idea helped me because today we all got our changes and President asked me to be the new Zone Leader. Crazy huh? I thought I would get through the mission without having to be Zone Leader. Well it just affirms the quote that says ¨God comforts the afflicted and afflicts the comfortable¨. I don’t feel like I’m such an amazing missionary, but I guess I’m in this position to help others and for me to grow. But overall I’m excited because I’m zone leader with a Elder that I came with and he's pretty tight. The only thing that’s kind of lame is that I’m not companions with him. We live with four so he has his comp. and I have mine and mine is from Paraguay and is really quiet but I will get him to open up more, also the other one we live with is a bit quiet as well.

I’m jealous that you were able to go see Chanelle dance. I can’t wait! Seriously I’m so stoked!! Also that you say its freezing there, that sounds soo good!

I can’t believe that you were able to see and talk to Elder Guarro. I thought you would have totally forgotten about that. It’s funny because I actually was reading in my journal that I brought with me before the mission and one entry was about the cool experience that I had with him. SO that’s funny and awesome to know that I will be able to see him at BYU.

Well yesterday we had stake conference with all of the Santiago Mission and Elder Perry, Andersen and Sister Beck spoke through satellite and it was pretty good. Of course it’s always better to hear them in English but it was cool because I got to hear them speak Spanish except Elder Perry because he couldn’t. But Elder Andersen spoke on tithing and Elder Perry on the importance of the Book of Mormon in our lives.

Also I’m glad that you were able to get the videos and the pictures. Did you get all the videos? They’re not as great as the ones that Chanelle took on her mission but whatever.

Also I wanted to ask you if you knew about the classes that I will be taking. And when I need to sign up for them?

Well sorry for the short letter but I love you all. Pray for me.

Con Amor,
Elder Pedersen

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