Monday, February 27, 2012

BYU here I come....

Congratulations to me!! Man I was worried about not getting accepted into BYU. I'm excited! I'm glad that's over.

The pictures of Chanelle and her roommates affirm the fact that guys over there are retarded. I was looking at the pictures wondering why she is not married or why a bunch of guys aren't all over her asking her on dates. It must be because she is intimidating or something. Maybe God is just making her wait until the right one comes to present himself. I'm just glad that I can go to BYU and protect her from stupid guys.

Well on to new stuff, this week was a good one full of great experiences. Elder Richards of the seventy did a mission tour and came to our mission and he and his wife taught us and they are way awesome.

We started the day off with all the leaders of the mission gathering early in the morning with him. And since I am a trainer I was invited We were with about 15 missionaries in the mission and he taught us about real understanding through the spirit speaking to our hearts of the truthfulness of the Gospel. That is when we actually learn. He asked us if we have ever read the same scripture over and over, but on the 5 time it makes sense to you and becomes meaningful to you personally? He said it's because we are learning by the spirit and that's when he speaks to our hearts and minds to teach us the things we need to learn.

Then when the meeting was ending President told me to come and talk to him and when I did he asked, "You know who the new mission president is right?¨ and I said yeah and he told Elder Richards ¨This is interesting, Elder Pedersen here has a dad that works with the new mission president¨ and so we started talking and his wife asked me questions about Oregon cause she had done a tour up there with the Relief Society presidency and so President asked me if I could share something or talk about him with the mission and so I told him I know him but I don't know a ton about him personally, but overall I said yes. And so at the end of the meeting president told me how thrilled he was about the new president and how anxious he was to talk to me today and so basically every time he saw me he was saying how excited he was. Lol

So we started the main meeting and the President introduced who the new Mission President would be and he asked me to come up and say something, and so I just said that he and his family are amazing and he has two kids serving missions and that he works with my Dad and my family and I grew up knowing he and his family. President Laycock went on to say that all his kids speak Spanish except one who served in Brazil and that his wife is trying to learn Spanish hard before she gets here. Then after that Elder Richards said, ¨now imagine the burden Elder Pedersen has now, he will have to act accordingly in all places. And I said well at least for 5 days till I leave ha-ha so they thought it was funny. But I actually realized that I will be with him for 10 days, so that's cool. Special treatment coming up lol jk. It's even cooler that I'm the only one in the mission that knows him and so they all keep asking me questions. So yeah President is so excited to meet them.

We then got taught a little more by Elder Richards and then he sat down to eat with we me at my table and we all started asking him questions about General Conference and the tours that he goes on and what not, I learned a lot. It was a really cool Wednesday.

You finally got the package that I sent like forever ago! There's not a bunch of pictures, but hopefully enough and I hope you like them. I wasn't able to get the videos on their but whatever. I guess you will have to wait 4 months to see some.

Also, Dad I thought I was coming home to rest a little bit? Lol! Wow, a 50 mile hike! I'm going to kill myself especially being out of shape like I am and everything. I remember the first 50 mile hike that we did and I felt like death after, I can't imagine how this one will be lol. But I'm willing if you want me to. After all I will be with all the boys. I just wasn't excepting that so soon. lol.
Also McKenna is so cute. Lol I loved the story that you told me that happened to her. Weird but God teaches in mysterious ways. That's a cool experience for her to always remember. God hears and answers prayers.

Also tell Steven card that I have not forgot about him even though I don't write him. It's just hard sometimes to write friends because I don't know the protocol (yeah I know it shouldn't be an excuse) but it's hard sometimes when I hear that everybody else can write other people other than their family and I can't. But whatever, I good with it.

Well I love you all and hope Mom and Shanna have a great time in Idaho with Chanelle. Think of me as your their! Thank you for your prayers and keep praying for me to accomplish goals and overcome any weaknesses in the time I have here left on my mission.

Love you all and I'm always thinking about you!

Con Amor,
Elder Pedersen

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