Monday, February 20, 2012

David Wright...New Mission Pres.?!!!

Sorry to tell you but yeah I'm getting skinny. Well whatever what can I do? lol I guess in four months you will be able to fatten me up?

I can't believe that David Wright will be my president for 5 days! Yeah, I bet everyone is going crazy their but I think he will be a great president, I wonder if my president knows? but I am writing to tell him.

Also cool huh that Skyler's Mission President gave him permission to go to the temple with me! But we will actually see each other before that time. Or I hope. Wouldn't that be cool it he trained David Archuleta!? Funny huh?

Well this week, like always was a hot one. It's crazy to think that it actually snowing there in Medford. SO this week was super hard cause everybody was on vacations and nobody has time but overall it ended good because we were walking around looking for less actives in a certain part of the sector and nobody was home and it was late so before going back home we wanted to pass a certain part of the sector to look for less actives and when we did we found a family that has been less active for a while, actually ever since their dad died 3 or 4 years ago and they said we arrived at the perfect time because they were going through a hard time and the missionaries hadn't passed by for like 3 years as well. We didn't have much time so we set a appointment up and taught the whole family on Saturday and the spirit was really strong and they even were there with note pads taking notes and at the end we invited them to the church and they went and they were so happy in coming back and they couldn't stop thanking us for passing by and also the wife is not sealed to her husband and so she thinks that our showing up was a sign to get on that. Also yesterday we passed by a guy who we taught the first lesson to about 5 weeks ago cause he left on vacation, so we went by and he said he had almost read the whole book of Mormon and so we set up an appointment to come back and we are praying that it all goes well with him this next week, it's definitely a miracle.

Also mom did you get my pictures that I sent to you all on a cd? And also I didn't get the web page of BYU which reminds me that I need to know if I got accepted into BYU because it's freaking me

This week was cool cause a returned missionary came back the mission and talked and talked about the mission and its funny cause he seems like he is adapting easily to being home and it totally makes me think about how it will be when I get home! But don't worry I am still working hard and I'm focused but I'm excited to see the family I'm not going to lie but I'm loving the mission while it lasts.

And commenting on scripture study, I can say that scripture study is a process cause when I first got on the mission I didn't realize the importance of reading the scriptures like I do now, but I say that it's a process cause as we read the scriptures our testimonies grows one step at a time studying and reading them and as we read we find that we can find answers and comfort and that gives us motivation to want to read them every day. We have to also take notes or at least be ready to receive revelation while reading because the Lord will try to speak to us if we are listening but if we are reading just to read and not looking for revelation we won't receive revelation. I could say a lot on it but we have to have a study plan so we don't study randomly and we have to study wanting and being willing to apply whatever is learned into our lives.

Hope that helps. Well I got to go but I love you and thank you for your prayers,
They are a great source of strength for me here.

Con Amor,
Elder Pedersen

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