Monday, February 6, 2012

Love from Chile...

Man with that comment I feel like I have to write the family through your e-mail. Lol. Just so you know that I receive all the letters you send. And at least you can say that you beat Mom in writing me almost every Monday lol. You are actually pretty faithful in writing me dad especially because there are many missionaries who never get letters from their dads or if they do its only every other week and just a couple lines, so thank you for the letters. I can’t believe that you were pulled over last night! It reminded me how much more strict the police are in the states in comparison to the ones here in Chile; at least we have police that do stuff. Here people wiz passed cops that don’t do anything, so through all the disappointment of getting pulled over, their protecting us lol.

Well here it has been so hot!! and I’m actually tired of it ha-ha especially cause we are white washed and haven’t had much success cause we pass by the people’s houses and they are never their cause they are all on vacations and so that is the hard part. So all we can do in that situation is to keep walking. But it makes it all the better having a companion that supports me and has a good attitude and is willing to make changes. I think that the only thing that he needs to work on which is what happens to every new missionary is to leave some stuff behind, other than that he’s a stud and we are trying to pray and find the people in the sector waiting for us.

So I’m kind of nervous about the whole getting accepted into byu. How long does it generally take for one to know if they are accepted?

I’m excited for all the plans and vacations that we will do when I get back! I’m pretty excited but don’t worry it doesn’t stop me from working.

Since Steven talked about the food, I guess I will tell you one of my favorite foods that I love here, they have a lot of foods that are weird but one that I like is when they put chicken, olives, onions with brown sugar, and a little bit of egg and then on top they put smashed up corn mixed with milk and some other stuff and then they put it in the oven for a while and they then sprinkle some sugar on top if you want. It’s delicious even though it sounds really weird. It’s kind of like a Sheppard’s pie but with corn. It’s called pastel de choclo. I want to learn how to make some stuff and come home and make it! Also the bread is amazing!

Well keep praying for me as I am here serving the Lord. I am here carrying the name of the family wherever I go and hopefully bringing honor to it.

I love you all. Until next week -Elder Pedersen
p.s. I was talking to Skyler and we found out that now with my new sector
We are only about 10 miles away from each other! Crazy huh?

Don’t worry mom I got your letter, I don’t have much time but I couldn’t leave without reading your letter cause I know it always comes. Man I love getting yours and dads letters because they always inspire me to do better and of course always keeps me informed on what is going on at home. Lol Well I’m really glad that you are not worried about getting accepted into byu. That makes me feel better. That awesome to hear about my own family still doing family home evenings and having lessons and seeing how the Lord is pouring out blessings on the family. I love it! Enjoy the blessings as I am here out on the mission. Soak them in!

I feel really bad for Chanelle, I guess I should stop being excited whenever she turns a guy down. But that’s going to be fun and cool to be able to be at her side when we go to college together!

Also yes I know when I go home; actually everybody that came in my group got their what’s called ¨trunky papers¨ which tell us when we are going home. I’m going to be arriving in Medford on the 10th of July. So yeah I will be serving a 2 year and 3 day mission. I’m just an over achiever ha-ha

I love the whole principle of force and persuasion. I have never heard that before and really loved it and also about how we need to be in the safe zone and to do that we need to repent or else we have no promise. It’s so true but yet so simple. I’m glad I have parents who teach principles like that.

Its true I have actually gotten along with almost all my companions, I like it that way because it makes the work so much easier. With the kid I’m training now I have been just doing the normal stuff and teaching him stuff here and their but he tells me that he has already learned tons from me he says sometimes I may not notice it but he’s learning how to be a better missionary and how to do the things. What a blessing.

Well I got to go but thank you for everything. Sorry for the short e-mail
Con muchísimo Amor,
 Elder Pedersen

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