Monday, January 30, 2012


Man the computer connection that I'm on is horrible, I have written
two e-mails that wouldn't send and then finally deleted. Frustrating
cause now I'm nearly out of time.
Well its seems like Kenny had an amazing birthday. It sounds like it
all went well. If I could I would have called and sang to him ha-ha.
Well I'm happy that he had a great birthday.
I want to write something for him in his book since I didn't get a
chance to do it but since you still haven't given it to him I will write
now. I can't do it today because I'm now out of time.
Well this last week was a good but hard one. I felt once again that
a lot of trust is put on me, because I'm training and in control of the sector.
But it's good, I feel that's it's good for me that I'm training. I'm enjoying
it a lot and my companion and I are getting along really well. He is
from Panama and he is a cross between a black guy from the states
and Tongan. He is awesome and tough and I'm teaching him a lot and we
worked pretty hard this past week. Since we didn't have any teaching appts.
we knocked and knocked until my comp. got used to it. He was a
bit scared to do it but he says has learning a lot and I'm also trying
to be really obedient to start off the tune of his mission right and I
want to have great experiences with him but we obviously have to teach
to be able to do that and so thank you for your prayers. The ward
seems to really like us and we are trying to gain their confidence
and fast and I think we have done that cause we have received a bunch or
references this past week and so we will see the fruits of our labors
this next week. I think it will all go well and we will find more
people to teach.
So is Kenny going to college? Is it too late for him to
get in or can he still make it? Let me know when I get accepted. I'm
actually kind of nervous.

Well sorry for the short letter.
Love you
Elder Pedersen

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