Monday, January 9, 2012

Blessings from the Lord...

That is so amazing that Chanelle got onto the dance team!! That is amazing and I know it's definitely a blessing from the lord for serving him on the mission. The Lord always blesses those who love and serve him. Six Months, six Months is all I have left and I can't believe it! Four more changes left for me in the mission but don't worry I'm still focused.

Thank you for your prayers because our investigators are progressing tons and I think that we had more investigators in church this last Sunday than any other time that I have been in this sector. Seriously this week has been such an amazing week. On Sunday we were knocking doors and we knocked one door and out came a lady and invited us to come in and she was a black lady from Dominican Republic and she and her husband are awesome and they love when we come over and they have a little kid who loves playing with us who looks like Will Smith as a little kid, Chanelle would love him, ha-ha and they gave us dinner the second time we passed by and she has never been baptized so she told us after talking to her that she wanted to be baptized and it was totally unexpected and after her husband told us that we could come over every day if we wanted to cause he really likes us even though he is atheist but little by little we are teaching and helping him to believe that everything around us testifies of God and so we did a capel tour and she went to the church. But the lame thing that happens a lot in Chile is that a lot of couples live together who are not married but its okay because she has a desire to follow God and I think she will get married.
Then I had a family that I found 5 months ago finally tell us that they would go, and they came to. It's the family that I absolutely love and would stay here for as long as it takes to be able to see them get baptized. SO they came and that basically was like the only thing that I wanted to see before I left this sector. To at least see them at church and they finally came! I was so happy and my companion and I were praying and fasting that the talks would be perfect for our investigators and that everything would go great and the dad was worried that he wasn't going to like it but our prayers were answered and the members were SO great with them and invited them to activities.
Wow, well I just got a call from the assistants that we are having special changes right now and that I have to go to the house and pack. I can't believe it, I'm in shock.
I will let you know what happens.

(A couple days later)
Alright, so they let me write you, since I didn't get any time to write yesterday but when they called I was so sad that I was leaving cause I love my sector so much, it was seriously like my family their and I didn't want to leave I guess I just had to do it without knowing the answer why. But there were like 6 special changes in the mission and I was angry that I was one of them, I'm going to miss so many things that we had planned this next week cause the ward loved me and Elder Lugo and invited us over for many things and this next week also included two baptisms of the two girls that we were about to baptize but I know president will give me permission to go back and see them baptized.

  So I got back to the pension and hurried and packed and Elder Lugo and I were nervous. I knew I was leaving the sector because I had spent a lot of time their already, but I seriously never thought that changes would ever come especially two weeks early but it's what the Lord wants and he knows better even though me and Elder Lugo were so used to each other and had progressed tons together and had accomplished a lot, we had many investigators in that sector and we were having much success, but like I told you, at least I got to see the family that I found in the church before I left the sector (tender mercy of the Lord).

So the assistants dropped off Elder Lugos companion who is an elder who came with me and he's a good guy but I was seriously jealous of him that he was going to be there and not me. So the assistants came and dropped of my companion too whose name is Elder Ezparsa who has the same time in the mission as Elder Lugo but he knows Spanish and English perfectly cause he lives on the border of Texas and Mexico and so he's pretty chill and he's a convert of two years, but getting to the sector made me miss Puente alto even more because I go from having 19 investigators to 3 or 4 and to a place where it's even harder to find people because its wealthier here and in this ward I have already heard that it's a dysfunctional ward to work with. (exciting huh?) ha-ha I'm actually fine and I'm ready to figure out what the Lord wants me to learn from being here because I trust that he knows what's ahead of me to learn.

   So crazy huh I didn't even get time to say bye to anyone, I was going to wait to say bye and take pictures in two weeks when I knew I was going to leave but Puente alto was my favorite sector that I have been in cause I learned more in that sector than I even thought I would, the Lord gave me test and trials that made me become a better person.

   Well on to other things, I can't believe that Devin already got his call! I thought that he was just getting his papers sent, it was cool to get a video from him opening it up (thank you for taping it) cause I haven't really seen him it seems like in forever! And I won't see him for two more years! I'm supper excited for him and it seems right that he's going to New Hampshire. Well I got to write him and get him excited for the mission because he will love it and he will become different for the better when he gets back for the things he will learn on the mission. He's awesome!

   Also about the college stuff, how long does the essay have to be? I haven't talked to my mission president yet but this Wednesday I have an interview with president and so I will talk to him then and let you know what happens but I will try to write the essay this week.
Work hard and trust God in everything
Con Amor,
Elder Pedersen

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