Monday, January 2, 2012

Feliz Año Nuevo!‏

Feliz Año Nuevo!‏Happy New Year! I can’t believe I have gotten this far in the mission and that this same year I will be going home. So many things are in store for me and I’m excited to accomplish all that the lord wants me to. And like always, through goals it can all be done.

Thank you for all the pictures!

I can’t believe that Chanelle is not coming home until I get back! That’s crazy and scary because it puts into perspective how much time I really have left as a missionary and to learn all I can while doing it.

Kenny’s dating again? It’s kind of funny that she doesn’t want to date unless the persons from the same religion, that is how he felt, but it will be good for him and he will learn a lot like I did talking about the gospel with friends. It just boggles my mind sometimes to think that people still after many years don’t believe in the same things that Jesus taught. It’s hard to live the gospel for some people but to believe is the easy part, people just like to complicate things but really the gospel of Jesus Christ is so simple and Christ taught it that way, he didn’t leave earth or his doctrine in confusion; he made it so simple so we would understand it. It’s sad sometimes because  people look past the simplicity of the gospel. It’s sad when I see so many people with different beliefs that are huge stumbling blocks for them, for people here it is usually the virgin Mary and it’s hard for the people to get past that and it can even be frustrating at times. But it will be good for Kenny. I am glad he is having these discussions.

This week was a good one for me and my companion cause we were able to finally get a baptismal date for two of our investigators who are awesome and are progressing and are ready for the day to get baptized. We have been praying for them so much and now finally they received and answer and with the help of their grandparents they are ready!

As for the rest of our investigators, they are so close to taking the step to be baptized but they are either scared or some other things but it’s frustrating for example when they promise to go to church and we get super excited to see them and they don’t show up. But I have to have patience with them because I think that that is exactly how Heavenly Father feels when he hopes for us to do something and we don’t do it. Lol. I just have to love them.

Well for Año Nuevo we had dinner with a family who loves us and had dinner with our investigators and they gave us three different kinds of meat which was delicious and at the end I was so stuffed I couldn’t eat any more even if I wanted to. Here are some of the traditions in Chile for the New year; you wear yellow underwear (yeah weird huh?), eat beans for good luck and the morning after walk around with suit cases which means luck during the new year representing going on many vacations. Lol it’s kind of weird too cause it’s almost bigger than Christmas.

Well I got to go but I love you all. Pray for me and my comp. and our investigators that they progress.
Elder Pedersen

P.S. I wrote president about getting started with everything I have
To do for school I hope I can do it all in two weeks since the notice is
a bit late. I will get it done, thank you!

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