Monday, January 16, 2012

Transferred two weeks early...

No there were no missionaries who got sent home, it was just that a couple of missionaries couldn't get along and president had to split them up, and it's funny cause the missionary that I trained was involved. How I got through 2 changes with him? I do not know.

Also I had a interview with president this last week and he said that he was actually going to call you and get the password and talk to you, it appears that he forgot but I will remind him during the week, I will call him so he can do it and I will ask him for permission to write the essay, I just got to think about what I will write in the essay that tells me to write about a problem I have encountered and how I overcame it. Could it be in the mission?

Well my companions name is Elder Ezparsa and he's way cool, we have a feeling that we are going to train for something this next week when they call us and possibly train in the same pension. He is actually from Texas but his parents are Mexicans. Two Mexicans in a row, Viva Mexico!

So this sector is a lot different, it's a little bit harder to find people here but there are people here waiting for this message and I know we will find them through our obedience. I think seriously the mission is so amazing cause it prepares me for everything after the mission and God is helping me be the person that he wants me to be with these changes, I just have to let him through my willingness to obey. It's seriously all about obedience.

Well I met the ward this Sunday and they seem really nice but it's just different from my ward but I just got to get to know them a little more, I think it's just hard because I have to form a relationship with all the members of a new ward again and I guess it will help me grow and get out of my comfort zone so its all good.

When I had interviews with president he asked me if we could still be friends because he knew the work that I did their and that I had baptisms coming up that Saturday and so he felt bad and said he was praying the night before and he knew that I wanted to be there and so he let me go back for the baptism and so I was really happy. I went and it was a really good baptism and Elder Lugo told me that the ward couldn't believe that I was gone and told him that many people said that he and I were the best missionaries in that ward and that the ward had ever seen. And it just stinks because I didn't even get to take pictures with them before I left.

Well love you all, sorry for the short letter,
Elder Pedersen

P.s. I'm sending a DVD of pictures with like only 100 pictures
or so but I know you wanted a cd of pictures so I will
be sending it in the mail.

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