Monday, January 23, 2012

Be happy and Enjoy LIFE!!

Thank you mom and dad for informing me on everything that is going on back at home, it seems to me that as doing so it's not only you guys that realize all the blessings that we have as a family but it helps me to recognize them too. I have realized also by being in this country how much the lord truly has blessed us in our lives because we are striving to be faithful and strong in keeping his commandments.

Well I can't believe that Kenny is turning 18 years old! Its ridicules and yes mom I will go on what you told me to do. I was realizing the other day how Kenny will be turning 18 this next week. Seriously sometimes time fly's by on the wings of lightning. Let's work every day towards who we want to be. WE may not be perfect but we can try perfectly, (and that's all God asks).

Well moving on to what has happened to me this week. I spent the week getting to know a little more of the sector and to find out that it's going to be tough to find people to teach. But they are undoubtedly out there and I know there are things for me to learn here. Well we got the call for changes yesterday and found out that my companion is leaving which we were kind of disappointed about because we got along so great and we had a lot of funny and fun moments in the past 2 weeks of getting to know each other. We just hit off and got along great cause he actually looks a little like Devin and acts a little like Skyler but a little more respectful ha-ha (but don't tell him that). So he was pretty sad about leaving but when I got to changes they told me I was training! Again! I was shocked but I'm kind of excited because I'm going to train a Latin and I'm glad cause I like being with Latin comps., but can you believe that?! We had a little meeting with president and he really drilled it into our brains that whatever we do will determine who they will be as missionaries for the rest of their lives and he told us to be on our best level of obedience and that he wanted us to imagine that we will be making a mile marker in the lives of future leaders in the church all around the world. Cool huh?

Well afterwards President and Sister Laycock talked to the entire mission and it was one of the best reunions that I have been to. All the meetings that we have with President are amazing but the spirit was so strong when he speaks and I have always had the conviction that President is called of God and God speaks to him to have his work carried out effectively but today for some reason I felt the spirit even stronger if that is possible, testifying to me that he was called of God and I really felt that some words that he said came directly from Christ himself. He taught us, showed his love to us, corrected us, testified to us and our calling and showed us how to be bold. I wouldn't even be able to explain to you how I felt even if I wanted to but I know president Laycock is called of God to carry this work out here and is doing it in a marvelous way. I respect him and his wife so much for all they do and will never forget the things they have taught me. Man I love coming out of meetings feeling like that!

Well so there you have it I'm training and I'm excited but nervous but it gives me comfort to know like president said to us that we have been handpicked by the lord because he trusts us and so does the Lord. So wish me luck! I want to do better as a trainer this time, not saying that I didn't do a good job but I want to be better and obey even more. I'm in the last six months of my mission and I want to really put into practice what I have learned and learn more. It's my time to shine!

I would love to explain more of what president taught and told us but it would take a while to write it all.

I can't believe that Kenny is not going to go to college in the fall, that's pretty lame because I was excited to go and room with him but I guess I will have to wait till after the mission to be able to do that, and that is if I'm not married. Well I hope he knows that I would have loved to. We will just have to hang out a lot when I get home!

Well I love you ALL, be strong and look at your destination and where you want to be with every step you take in life.

President told us that we need to bounce through life in the sense of being happy and enjoy life not at the end of next month or in the case of a missionary at the end of each change, instead work on being happy now and today even in the time of despair.

-Elder Pedersen

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