Monday, May 28, 2012

Last Change

Today was change day and yes Mom your wish came true, My companion was transferred and I stayed, so we wont be leaving together, now you don't have to worry about me getting trunky. . I actually was happy that I stayed because I already know the ward and even though the sector isn't that great I believe that I will be able to see even more miracles than I have already seen here.

Well my companions name is Elder Grillone and is from New Jersey, he is really cool and we are getting along great already. He's pretty excited to be able to kill me but holding back a little saying it because he knows that he will be pretty trunky by the time I leave because he only has two changes less than I do. I'm excited for this change as well because we will be able to give it full throttle because we both have sufficient time here in the mission that we don't have to train or tell each other how to do things and so we both are excited and I know it will be a great change. I'm kind of scared that it s coming so fast that I'm leaving and I don't think that I will even feel ready but at least I can try and do my best this last change.
Today pure sister missionaries went home and while listening to their testimonies made me want to cry just thinking that I will have to leave all those that I have taught and come to love here. But that's enough talking about my leaving home. Lol
This week has been a good week, not for numbers because it wasn't that great in that aspect. ha-ha This week we were teaching the kid that we had found that went to church and participated in everything, and we went over this week and his dad was there and he saw us and realized we were teaching his 15 year old and he told us that he didn't authorize that fact that we were there and so he told us to leave and the kid told his dad that he had already talked to his mom and that it was fine with her, but he insisted and so there was nothing we could do and so we left really disappointed and sad. But on Thursday we went to mutual and he was there with the rest of the young men and so we were shocked and he said that his mom I guess doesn't care that he listens to us and so we were really excited but we have to teach him now in the house of a young man. So we taught him and he had said that he had felt something different at the baptism that he attended and he also told us that he was in 2 Nephi 18! And we had only taught him like 3 times, so it was a miracle that he still came and that his dad somewhat let his son go to the church and mutual. So I'm hoping that we can see progress up to baptism there.
Well I'm not sure if you sent a letter to me because I didn't get anything from you or dad today. I'm pretty sure there is a reason why because you both usually write.
Well I love you all a tons and hope and pray that everybody is staying strong and choosing the best
Have a great week!
Con Amor,
Elder Pedersen
P.S. I have new pictures on shutterfly just in case that you're not looking

Monday, May 21, 2012

Last Zone Conference!! SAD

Thank you for the pictures and the scriptures and your favorite stories! And don't worry about the favorite scriptures of the kid's cause there are some things that I want to buy but its fine I can do without them.

I seriously cannot believe that McKenna has had another birthday again! I feel like it was not too long ago when she turned 8. That so insane, she's not allowed to grow up so fast! Ha-ha

Well I'm supper excited about the whole car thing! That's going to be awesome! But let me know what kind of car you're going to buy yourself ha-ha. I'm so stoked for college! Don't worry I'm not getting too trunky. Lol Me and my companion are still working hard.

Actually this week we have been so busy with other stuff that there was really not much time this week to be able to work in the sector much because we had temple, Zone conference and we had to do little things here and there as zone leaders.

Well this week you remember when I told you that we had found a kid who is totally legit and has real intention to know the truth but his grandparents don't like us and always come in the lesson to bash with us about things that don't really make sense? Problem not but he is really awesome! He came to mutual Thursday by himself in spite of not knowing anybody and when he got their they said that they were going to practice for a beauty and the beast play that they were going to do for a stake thing and he participated even though it was totally boring for him and he came to church on Sunday with his book of Mormon and stay all four hours until the baptismal service was over and he even sang with the young men in the musical number that they did for our investigator that got baptized! Awesome right? So we are excited for the progression of him.

SO yes we had a baptism and it went really good except for the fact that the gas ran out to heat up the water for the baptismal font and so it was pretty funny watching them enter into the font with freezing water. That's why electric heaters are better; you don't have to worry about any of that. the mom was also there as well and what is cool is that we had given her a book of Mormon and she told her husband that she wants to read it all before we leave home and so we are stoked, I not sure how far she will progress but she loves the book of Mormon and she had never read it before in spite that her husband had given her one before!

It was funny because in Zone Conference President told everyone about the Wrights and how dad works with him again and he said that the previous night you both had eaten dinner with them and so I'm guessing that president has been talking to President Wright.
During the conference as well he answered all the questions that we could think of about what's going to happen before the Wrights get here and so it was pretty cool to learn it all. They answered all the questions because that was the last zone conference that we would ever have with him. Sad huh? It's all coming so soon.

Well I love you all and hope you have a great week

Con Amor,

Elder Pedersen

Monday, May 14, 2012

Happy Mother's Day

It was an amazing day yesterday and I was so happy to be able to see you all. I'm glad you enjoyed it because I definitely did. I'm sorry for the fact that I wasn't able to talk to everybody personally like I would of loved to but that's what will happen in 8 more weeks.

I'm glad mom that you were able to get your traditional massage by every member of the family.haha you definitely can't pass a mother's day without doing that.

I can't believe that Adam wrote a song for you both, that's so studdly of him. I love that guy and glad that Shanna picked him, he is a stud.

And mom don't worry about me getting trunky because out of all the companionships in the mission that have the same time like my companion and I think we work the hardest, we really want to die in a good way if you know what I mean. my companion is a really hard worker and we have voiced our desires to not get too lazy before we end and how we want to squeeze the last amount of energy out until we end and I don't think that you have to worry anyway because we both would feel too bad if we got lazy or did anything stupid.

Also you might be impatient BUT I don't remember the name of the person that you wanted me to mention to president Laycock lol so let me know who it is again. You might have to talk slow and do sign language again so I understand. Ha-ha

Also I was going to ask dad who all are coming on the hike with us? Is it all the scouts or just the boys and some cousins?

Well this week was a really great one cause we were about to do a tour at the temple with the family that we were able to reactivate and they are way awesome and their kids love us and so we did that and the mom and dad went and the spirit was really strong and they both ended up saying that they felt the spirit more than they have ever before and the dad said that he wishes he could feel that always and also that it's a dream of his one day to walk in and it's a dream that he knows will be reality and so the goal is set for them and they have the great desire to do it so we are really excited for them.

Also after we got done with the phone calls we were on our way to some houses and suddenly we got a phone call from an Herman in the ward (whose wife and son who is 12 aren't members) Telling us that he has a new investigator for us and so we set up an appointment with them and then 10 minutes later he called back and said he wanted to pick us up and so we cancelled our appointments with members and the family told us that his son want to be baptized and wants to do it before we leave and so he said he also wanted to be baptized as soon as possible to be able to be part of the priesthood quorum and so he told us he wanted to receive the lessons all this week and be baptized this Sunday! And so we were stoked knowing that it was a total tender mercy of the lord and also the mom wouldn't let him be baptized before because she has listened to the missionaries before but with us she permits it and she is present as well during the lesson and I think we can get her in spite that she has heard the missionary so many times. As well our other investigator family is progressing as well too and everything is going great with them, we even did a family home evening with a member family and it went very well. The only thing is that her 13 year old son doesn't have many friends in the church and so it's kind of hard for him not to be board sometimes in the church but with time it will all work out.

We are really seeing miracles in our sector in this moment and we are totally excited to teach this gospel and to see these people progress!

Well I know this gospel is true and that we really can be triumphant in a world of wickedness because of the power of the atonement of which I'm so thankful for, he truly is my mediator between God applying both justice as well as mercy. And those that come to him with a broken heart and a contrite spirit, will and can be healed and perfected. I love this gospel and know that all those who apply it will truly find the easier way through life and will find true happiness.

Mom in case I didn't tell you, I love you so much and for all you do as a mother and escpecially for me. I'm sure that not only me but all of the kids are so grateful for what you do, thank you so much for your uplifting and motivating words every week.

I love you all and pray you have a great week!


Con Amor,
Elder Pedersen

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

My Gosh little Ella is so adorable and I can't wait to hold and kiss her! That's so awesome that Shanna was able to do that photo shoot of her, my niece is so cute!

Well I'm glad that you all are super excited to be able to talk in six days because I am!
  We have been trying to find a place where the internet is fast and so hopefully we will be able to get that.

Yeah I figured you would love the pictures that I sent; Good idea huh? I'm not sure how to download them but I hear you can just drag them down and they can only be downloaded onto the computer but yeah you will have to just figure it out.

SO you were able to sign me up to the Nauvoo house without any problems? I'm so stoked to be able to go to college! So when I get home you have to take advantage of me. Ha-ha I'm way stoked too that Chanelle's ward is also in part of the Nauvoo house!

I can't believe that grandpa had a little stroke, that's super scary. I hope that everyone is taking care of grandma and grandpa and visiting them. I'm glad that everything is going good now though, thank heavens.

Well here in the Chile Santiago East mission everything is being prepared for the coming of President Wright. It seems like president is doing a good job in getting everything together. ITs funny cause now whenever President sees me he always wants to know a little more about Pres. Wright and what I have heard and so thank you dad for the information that is given lol. But yeah that's something that I thought you already knew, the fact that Chile has many baptisms but a lot less actives and its kind of sad but the area presidency made a lesson plan for us missionaries to teach to all the less actives to help them have a desire to come back to church and it's a really good lesson but it was actually made when I first got here and that is helping a lot but what is cool is that my mission has the lowest amount of baptisms, but the retention rate is the highest in all of Chile and so we are doing great in that aspect. And also, yeah I know the elder who lost both his parents in the mission and its super sad but the elder has a great attitude about it all, he was in my zone for a while. I love the kid a lot; he definitely has the attribute of love. Its super powerful to think that in spite of what he has been through he stays, I really don't know what I would do in that situation but he is an absolute stud. I'm actually living with the elder who was his companion last change.

Well this Sunday I will be calling like I said about 1 your time so be ready with questions!
Will I get to see Chanelle?

Well I love you all tons and hope that the boys are all getting along and loving each other.

Que Sagan Fuertes en el evangelic,
Les Ammo machismo,

Elder Pedersen

P.S. Thank you dad for the money, I actually took it out today to
buy some stuff.