Monday, May 14, 2012

Happy Mother's Day

It was an amazing day yesterday and I was so happy to be able to see you all. I'm glad you enjoyed it because I definitely did. I'm sorry for the fact that I wasn't able to talk to everybody personally like I would of loved to but that's what will happen in 8 more weeks.

I'm glad mom that you were able to get your traditional massage by every member of the family.haha you definitely can't pass a mother's day without doing that.

I can't believe that Adam wrote a song for you both, that's so studdly of him. I love that guy and glad that Shanna picked him, he is a stud.

And mom don't worry about me getting trunky because out of all the companionships in the mission that have the same time like my companion and I think we work the hardest, we really want to die in a good way if you know what I mean. my companion is a really hard worker and we have voiced our desires to not get too lazy before we end and how we want to squeeze the last amount of energy out until we end and I don't think that you have to worry anyway because we both would feel too bad if we got lazy or did anything stupid.

Also you might be impatient BUT I don't remember the name of the person that you wanted me to mention to president Laycock lol so let me know who it is again. You might have to talk slow and do sign language again so I understand. Ha-ha

Also I was going to ask dad who all are coming on the hike with us? Is it all the scouts or just the boys and some cousins?

Well this week was a really great one cause we were about to do a tour at the temple with the family that we were able to reactivate and they are way awesome and their kids love us and so we did that and the mom and dad went and the spirit was really strong and they both ended up saying that they felt the spirit more than they have ever before and the dad said that he wishes he could feel that always and also that it's a dream of his one day to walk in and it's a dream that he knows will be reality and so the goal is set for them and they have the great desire to do it so we are really excited for them.

Also after we got done with the phone calls we were on our way to some houses and suddenly we got a phone call from an Herman in the ward (whose wife and son who is 12 aren't members) Telling us that he has a new investigator for us and so we set up an appointment with them and then 10 minutes later he called back and said he wanted to pick us up and so we cancelled our appointments with members and the family told us that his son want to be baptized and wants to do it before we leave and so he said he also wanted to be baptized as soon as possible to be able to be part of the priesthood quorum and so he told us he wanted to receive the lessons all this week and be baptized this Sunday! And so we were stoked knowing that it was a total tender mercy of the lord and also the mom wouldn't let him be baptized before because she has listened to the missionaries before but with us she permits it and she is present as well during the lesson and I think we can get her in spite that she has heard the missionary so many times. As well our other investigator family is progressing as well too and everything is going great with them, we even did a family home evening with a member family and it went very well. The only thing is that her 13 year old son doesn't have many friends in the church and so it's kind of hard for him not to be board sometimes in the church but with time it will all work out.

We are really seeing miracles in our sector in this moment and we are totally excited to teach this gospel and to see these people progress!

Well I know this gospel is true and that we really can be triumphant in a world of wickedness because of the power of the atonement of which I'm so thankful for, he truly is my mediator between God applying both justice as well as mercy. And those that come to him with a broken heart and a contrite spirit, will and can be healed and perfected. I love this gospel and know that all those who apply it will truly find the easier way through life and will find true happiness.

Mom in case I didn't tell you, I love you so much and for all you do as a mother and escpecially for me. I'm sure that not only me but all of the kids are so grateful for what you do, thank you so much for your uplifting and motivating words every week.

I love you all and pray you have a great week!


Con Amor,
Elder Pedersen

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