Monday, May 21, 2012

Last Zone Conference!! SAD

Thank you for the pictures and the scriptures and your favorite stories! And don't worry about the favorite scriptures of the kid's cause there are some things that I want to buy but its fine I can do without them.

I seriously cannot believe that McKenna has had another birthday again! I feel like it was not too long ago when she turned 8. That so insane, she's not allowed to grow up so fast! Ha-ha

Well I'm supper excited about the whole car thing! That's going to be awesome! But let me know what kind of car you're going to buy yourself ha-ha. I'm so stoked for college! Don't worry I'm not getting too trunky. Lol Me and my companion are still working hard.

Actually this week we have been so busy with other stuff that there was really not much time this week to be able to work in the sector much because we had temple, Zone conference and we had to do little things here and there as zone leaders.

Well this week you remember when I told you that we had found a kid who is totally legit and has real intention to know the truth but his grandparents don't like us and always come in the lesson to bash with us about things that don't really make sense? Problem not but he is really awesome! He came to mutual Thursday by himself in spite of not knowing anybody and when he got their they said that they were going to practice for a beauty and the beast play that they were going to do for a stake thing and he participated even though it was totally boring for him and he came to church on Sunday with his book of Mormon and stay all four hours until the baptismal service was over and he even sang with the young men in the musical number that they did for our investigator that got baptized! Awesome right? So we are excited for the progression of him.

SO yes we had a baptism and it went really good except for the fact that the gas ran out to heat up the water for the baptismal font and so it was pretty funny watching them enter into the font with freezing water. That's why electric heaters are better; you don't have to worry about any of that. the mom was also there as well and what is cool is that we had given her a book of Mormon and she told her husband that she wants to read it all before we leave home and so we are stoked, I not sure how far she will progress but she loves the book of Mormon and she had never read it before in spite that her husband had given her one before!

It was funny because in Zone Conference President told everyone about the Wrights and how dad works with him again and he said that the previous night you both had eaten dinner with them and so I'm guessing that president has been talking to President Wright.
During the conference as well he answered all the questions that we could think of about what's going to happen before the Wrights get here and so it was pretty cool to learn it all. They answered all the questions because that was the last zone conference that we would ever have with him. Sad huh? It's all coming so soon.

Well I love you all and hope you have a great week

Con Amor,

Elder Pedersen

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