Tuesday, May 8, 2012

My Gosh little Ella is so adorable and I can't wait to hold and kiss her! That's so awesome that Shanna was able to do that photo shoot of her, my niece is so cute!

Well I'm glad that you all are super excited to be able to talk in six days because I am!
  We have been trying to find a place where the internet is fast and so hopefully we will be able to get that.

Yeah I figured you would love the pictures that I sent; Good idea huh? I'm not sure how to download them but I hear you can just drag them down and they can only be downloaded onto the computer but yeah you will have to just figure it out.

SO you were able to sign me up to the Nauvoo house without any problems? I'm so stoked to be able to go to college! So when I get home you have to take advantage of me. Ha-ha I'm way stoked too that Chanelle's ward is also in part of the Nauvoo house!

I can't believe that grandpa had a little stroke, that's super scary. I hope that everyone is taking care of grandma and grandpa and visiting them. I'm glad that everything is going good now though, thank heavens.

Well here in the Chile Santiago East mission everything is being prepared for the coming of President Wright. It seems like president is doing a good job in getting everything together. ITs funny cause now whenever President sees me he always wants to know a little more about Pres. Wright and what I have heard and so thank you dad for the information that is given lol. But yeah that's something that I thought you already knew, the fact that Chile has many baptisms but a lot less actives and its kind of sad but the area presidency made a lesson plan for us missionaries to teach to all the less actives to help them have a desire to come back to church and it's a really good lesson but it was actually made when I first got here and that is helping a lot but what is cool is that my mission has the lowest amount of baptisms, but the retention rate is the highest in all of Chile and so we are doing great in that aspect. And also, yeah I know the elder who lost both his parents in the mission and its super sad but the elder has a great attitude about it all, he was in my zone for a while. I love the kid a lot; he definitely has the attribute of love. Its super powerful to think that in spite of what he has been through he stays, I really don't know what I would do in that situation but he is an absolute stud. I'm actually living with the elder who was his companion last change.

Well this Sunday I will be calling like I said about 1 your time so be ready with questions!
Will I get to see Chanelle?

Well I love you all tons and hope that the boys are all getting along and loving each other.

Que Sagan Fuertes en el evangelic,
Les Ammo machismo,

Elder Pedersen

P.S. Thank you dad for the money, I actually took it out today to
buy some stuff.

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