Monday, December 26, 2011

Merry Christmas!!! From Chile.

Hey family! After talking to you all I wondered why the Lord has blessed me so much to be born into a family so amazing!

After talking to you my companion said that he felt like he just watched a movie from the states. He thought we were the coolest family he has ever seen and he said it inspired him even though he had no idea what we were saying to have his future family the same way. The family looks so good and seeing you all and talking to you all gave me that burst to be better, to make the family proud. After all I carry the family name with me every day for two years wherever I go.

I felt retarded not being able to speak that great in English, but I hope you loved it all as much as I did. I was just so glad to see everybody looking so good. That was the best present, to see that everybody was doing great!

I have set the goal to write every night and to notice the miracles of the Lord in my life and especially here on the mission because I feel sometimes that we as human beings forget to notice God’s hand. It’s not only thanking God in prayer but writing them down to remember them all and never forget them.
So yesterday after talking to the families we had two important lessons with two families and one of them we had invited them to read the book of Mormon and pray. So we passed by and the dad told us that the Mormon thing and the religion wasn’t for him, but us being confident that the Sprit would help us, we just sat back and listened to him (and praying silently in our hearts for help). We went through the lesson and they had many doubts about temples and why they couldn’t enter in to watch their cousin be married and also why did this religion have to come from the states because its seems like the U.S. tries to convince the world and spread their religion everywhere. We listened and we talked about the Book of Mormon and the importance of it. We bore testimony and told him all the reasons why there needs to be one true church out of them all. We knew he felt the Spirit after we told him some more because he said ¨Well said¨. He ended up convinced that he wasn’t praying or reading very much. So we invited him to do so and he accepted. We also showed him the love we have for him and his family. So we invited him to read a part and decide whether its of God or the devil. Once he realized to was from God we invited him to pray to know if it’s true and then pray together as a family and meditate.
I knew we would have lost them if we didn’t enter with the Spirit and leave them with it. We left with thankful hearts for God allowing us to carry and give us his Spirit in that time of need. We were supper happy cause we really love the family and do want to lose them at all. But there are so many churches, ideas, and false prophets here. We testified the things we shared to be true. These trials make it hard on our investigators and so we are always praying for them and helping them understand that they have to keep reading and praying or satan will use the one doubt that might come to destroy their testimony.

Sorry for now sending pictures but i didn’t want to plug in my card here cause this internet is not great and so I don’t want any pictures erased so I’m going to wait to copy them onto a dvd before I send them to be sure.

Alright so you will have to write me double time or at least send me pictures of what the family got for Christmas for not writing me this week (even though we just talked…. Lol)

Love you all and the pictures will be on the way!

Con Amor,

Elder Pedersen

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