Monday, December 19, 2011

In Chile and doesn't feel like Christmas.

Thank you for the inspiring letters. That’s way cool to hear that Jordan was called to be assistant to the president, Man I miss all those kids in the ward now serving missions. I knew that Jordan would have a position like that, he's a leader.

This week was a great week for us and we were able to see the blessing from the Lord pouring out upon us. This week I have learned a lot. We revived some of our investigators that were almost dying and we taught great lessons to our investigators giving them promises. The spirit was very potent this week and we felt its power in our teaching. We are so close with coming to baptism with our investigators but right now we are just being patient waiting for the answer to come. I love being a missionary and don’t want this time to end even though I feel like its coming quick.

So yeah about the call, I’m not sure what house I will be in for Christmas cause we have received many invitations from people which is good but hard at the same time to figure out our final decision. The 24th is when everybody has their big celebration here but I will call you all at 6 on the 25. I got all the information and so I’m set to call! I’m way excited and can’t wait to talk to you all, I hope it turns out fine and we can hear and see each other but if there are any problems my number is XXXXXXXX. Alright List!

It seriously does not feel like Christmas at all, we have been in so many houses that just don’t decorate anything, we went to lunch yesterday and the hermana didn’t even have a Christmas tree out, it was kind of sad but it made me glad to be raised in a home where my parents are fanatics about Christmas and live in the spirit of Christmas, I love it all!

On Saturday we went to a recent converts house and their house was all decorated and their tree was decorated almost the exact way that Mom does it and she put on Christmas music in the background and I just couldn’t help but get Trunkey lol. I just started staring at the lights on the tree and started thinking about Christmas back at home for the first time this month, I was kind of irritated cause I thought I would be able to go through the entire month without getting Trunkey. But I guess it’s a good thing to get like that sometimes so I remember what season I’m in.

Well sorry for the short letter but you will get a lot more in 6 days when we talk!
 Come with questions. Love you all and wish you a merry Christmas!

-Elder Pedersen
P.S. I loved the stocking you made
Its way awesome. Makes me want to keep it.

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