Monday, February 13, 2012

Happy Valentines Day!!!

Man I’m tired! We just came back from a long day hiking a big hill to get to Cerro san Cristobel and it was hot. Up their is the angel Mary and it was pretty cool. So besides the fact that this week was exhausting from walking around everywhere, we had to hike this mountain. It’s funny how p-days turn into a more exhausting day than usual. Lol Also I thought I would never say it but I actually felt really uncomfortable wearing regular clothes today. Lol I don’t know how I’m going to do it when I get back because I don’t feel comfortable at all wearing street clothes. We will see how it goes.

 Man I’m also getting pretty skinny and I hate it. I wish I could eat more sometimes. Don’t get me wrong, we get fed a bunch for lunch, but that's basically all we get all day cause in this sector we don’t get a lot of food, it's mostly all at lunch. I’ve been trying not to spend a lot of personal money but sometimes I have to, so I hope I have sufficient money in my savings account. Also I’m spending more money since my companion got here and because he is a big guy, he spent all his money within a week! Ha-ha Crazy huh? He eats like crazy, but I’m teaching him what he needs to do to save his money.

 Mom I’m not going to lie, I miss your food and I’m missing it more and more lol I was thinking about it, the missionaries in our ward get so spoiled, especially at our house. Something that I realized that they don’t do here is put almost all the food on their table and let us dig in like we do at home, so I kind of miss being able to eat what I want ha-ha.

Well this week has been pretty good but we have not found many investigators so we have been setting more time apart to look for less actives and that actually has been pretty successful and they actually come to church and we actually just found them that morning.

We actually have some investigators but some tend to progress very slowly but we have about two that are pretty promising. There is a lady who just got married and her husband isn’t a member and also another lady who has been investigating the church for like 5 weeks and she came up and asked us to teach her and I was actually surprised because we thought she was a member but I hope it all goes well there. We are trying to be as obedient as we can so the Lord can bless us in his timing, but I have realized that without the members nothing will happen in missionary work, so help the missionary’s lol.

That is so awesome that David Wright was called to be a mission president and can’t wait to know where he will serve. That’s exciting; I wonder how he will be? Let me know what happens.

Also what has happened so far with the pregnancy with Shanna? How is she doing? Is she healthy?

Have you heard anything about me being accepted to BYU? It shouldn’t take this long. Are you sure they got all the information they needed?

Well I love you all. Thank you for your prayers. Give my love to the ward and the fam.

Que tengan una buena semana!

Con Amor,
-Elder Pedersen

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