Monday, March 19, 2012


Thank you mom and dad so much for your testimonies. I love hearing the testimony of both you and dad. You make me want to do better and try harder. Your testimonies lead me to want to not only respect the name of the family that I carry around with me but also the name of the Savior that I took upon me and helps me and reminds me to push harder. There is no greater cause than this one and I only have a couple months left to be in it as a missionary. Thank you for reminding me and motivating me, I think it was the words I needed and will need later on.
Speaking of the spirit, I actually had to speak yesterday about the spirit, and how they do it here is they usually tend to tell you of the assignment the day before so the bishop gave me the opportunity to speak even though I've only had so little time in the ward and its funny cause I just spoke the week before I left my last ward and so do is giving me many opportunities to speak and to become better I think.
I spoke and it went really well, it probably wasn't the best talk but I gave it  following the spirit and the spirit really guided me. I was glad I talked on the spirit cause in these last few months of my mission I have really understood the importance of the spirit. I told the members that if we want to be successful in this life and progress, we need to fight for the spirit daily, and to do so and I explained that it easy to make wrong decisions in the world today and to become deceived by all the rumors and ideas which makes having the spirit even more important in our lives to fill us with joy and the desire to make right decisions. I as well explained the difference between the power of the Holy Ghost and the gift of the Holy Ghost.
I also said many other things, I think it was a good talk and people seemed to like it.
This sector is pretty hard and there is a lot of rejection, so I'm trying to look for that Spirit to keep my spirits  high.
SO right now we are basically looking and teaching less actives and so I'm hoping it all goes well in that area.

So how is Shanna coming along? I'm really excited for the baby, I can't wait! I want to see more pictures even though Shanna already sent me a bunch.

I'm super excited for General Conference you have no idea and I don't know why. Well I do know why, but I'm overly excited!!
Well I love you all and stay safe.
I hope all the boys are doing well, I've been praying for them all. 

Keep going forward. 

Shall we not go on in such great a cause?

Con Amor,
Elder Pedersen

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