Monday, April 2, 2012

General Conference!!!

So I guess you are all in Utah watching Chanelle if I'm not wrong, so I'm pretty jealous but in no time I will be able to see her. I love her too! But still there is not an excuse for not writing me, but it's all good she actually has written me a lot.
By the way thank you so much for the package! I got it on Thursday and so I was way excited. I loved the ties and the shirt was exactly what I needed because I only have four shirts and they are turning gray and yellow fast no matter how much I bleach them. Lol I loved all the letters and was especially thankful to finally receive a letter from Kenny, I don't know why but I was happy to hear from him and I have been thinking about him a lot lately. I love him and pray for his spiritual safety and hope everything is going great with him.
General conference as usual was so uplifting and moving making me walk away so much more energized spiritually and as well uplifted. I loved the talk by elder Uchtdorf; it was perfect for the Chile as well of course for the whole world. It's so true, so many times we judge others, we have to simply stop it and love and forgive everybody and gives them the same mercy that we ourselves desire.
Also I loved the talk by Elder Bednar about the priesthood! It was way inspiring and loves the story he shared.
Also I loved the first few talks in the first session and they were exactly what I needed escpecially the talk by Elder Eyring, he has gotten to such a high level of spirituality. And of course the talk by Holland, I love all of them but like you said I love the way he teaches! You should see my iPod, most of all the talks I have are from him lol.
Well this week was a bit slow just looking up to general conference but this week I have like dad says my batteries recharged lol. By listening to general conference I realize how important we need to look back and study the talks that are given because I listen but by going back over the in the months to come I get something totally different out if it and like elder Uchtdorf says I am able to get custom revelation.
So this next week I'm excited because we have family home evenings on Thursday and Friday even though I have only been here for short time the other missionaries say it's my birthday coming up this week and the members jump in to do something. I actually didn't know that I was going to the temple with Skyler this Monday. Lol I would love to but I don't think will be able to. We have been planning on doing something this next p-day but he is having a mission activity, lame huh but as soon as we can we will meet up at least three times before I leave!
I love being zone leader for the fact that I get to go to meetings with president and learn so much from him with the other leads of the mission. When I get back I will have to tell you stories and things he has taught us.
I'm so excited for the baby of Shanna and can't believe I will be gone for my first niece but at least I won't be gone too long to not see her as a baby. I heard you and dad are going all out on this baby and baby shower. We will be so spoiled. ha-ha
This next week I hope we all can take a moment to reflect on the death and the resurrection of Christ and what it means to us and make the fact the he really did bear our burdens and carry our sorrows help us to be able to make better decisions in our life. I realize that this life is so hard to always remember him with all the worldly distractions in our life and all the voices fighting for our attention but I know that if we really carry out the promise we make when taking the sacrament by remembering him always, it would make a dramatic changed in our lives for the good and we would slowly but surely become more like him thinking about every decision before we take it.
I love you all so much and bear testimony that Christ is real and that he loves us so much and will never leave us comfortless if we just turn to him. His love is so great that we can't even comprehend but its real for all and he is too.
I hope your questions were answered this conference and that we can continue to find them through reading and pondering the talks given.
Que Siguán Adelante en el Evangelio!
Les Amo a todos!
- Elder Pedersen

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