Monday, April 9, 2012

I'm An UNCLE!!!! Happy Easter...

I can't believe that Shanna had her baby 3 weeks early! I was in shock; I wish I could be there so bad to see her. She seems so cute and doesn't look like almost 8 pounds! I'm so excited for Adam and Shanna! I can't believe I'm an uncle now! I can't wait to hold her in my arms. Were you all super surprised that Shanna was going to have her 3 weeks early or was it kind of expected? That awesome that she was able to be born the day after my birthday. Well Thank you for the pictures, they made me feel at least little closer to home.

My birthday was awesome and so was Easter! Their was many families that invited us four over to their house to sing happy birthday to me and so I ate a bunch of cake, I wish I could send you pictures but I don't want another virus to get on my card.

We went to 3 houses to celebrate my birthday and so we had a lot of fun. They were super nice to me even though I haven't been here for that long.

This Easter was a good one; I actually made some Easter eggs. I and the other gringo that lives with me both made them Sunday night to celebrate and so it was exciting. And on Sunday in the morning as I was pondering I was reading about Christ in the bible and so many scriptures hit me differently while reading them, it's interesting to see how studying the scriptures with the spirit make you look at certain verses and you see it in a different way according to what God would have you know or understand.

We also had interviews with president this last week and they were awesome, President Laycock is so inspired by God and called to carry out his work here; he truly cares for the one. I always look forward to interviews with him and this one was our last official one together until the exit interview! Crazy huh? He challenged me to do certain things including writing down after and in mission goals.

Well sorry about the short letter but I'm so happy about the birth of baby Ella. I want more pictures too ha-ha

Love you all and hope you have a great wonderful week

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