Monday, August 8, 2011

Another family member in Chile...Welcome Skyler!!

Querida familia,

Thank you for the letters. Every week I run to see what letters have come and I love the videos and the pictures that you sent me as well. Man I miss you all a lot and no it doesn't mean stop sending pictures cause that only helps. Yesterday was changes and I actually stayed with my companion elder Perez which I figured anyway because the new training program is a 12 week process and so we kind of figured that we would both be staying. This change has gone by so fast and at the same time a little slow because we haven't had lots of investigators. We have a lot now but it's a matter of getting them to progress towards baptism. We also went to change concilios where all the missionaries go to find out what the changes are and President Laycock spoke to us and really made me want to do my very best this change because I know that if I try my hardest the Lord will put people in my way that are prepared to hear this message because I know there are people out there. This Change has kind of felt like an emotional roller coaster with a combination of things but with training and all I have learned a lot and it has made me look for strength from my Heavenly Father in every moment. There is a lot of things that make a great missionary but instead of boggling my mind with all the stuff I need to be and do, I know if I just walk with an eye single to the glory of God in everything I do the Lord will help me and support me through all my trials. My call as a missionary is amazing and we as missionaries shouldn't always fill our head with things we need to do and be to be a perfect missionary but instead be humble so the Lord can form us into what He wants us to be, because we are all trying here and I have found that the mission is the ground or playing field to be a better person. Humility is the key.

Also Mom I loved the idea you gave me that you got from Sister Dunn. I have to speak this next week in sacrament meeting so I will mention it in my talk and invite them to do it. Truly members are the way to finding people. The girl that I was teaching in las condez was found by a member and she was just recently baptized which by the way I really wanted to see because it was an awesome experience teaching her.

It's so crazy how fast time flies in the mission. Today my trainer elder Johnson left to go home and I couldn't believe it because he hit his year mark when he was with me and now he is going home. He told me that the time flies and that the second year goes even faster so enjoy it. I was really sad that he was leaving because I really looked up to him as a missionary and now he is on his way home! So many people left today that were where I am now when I got here. It kind of made me sad and now the mission is super young.

I also loved the quote that Kenny gave, I like it a lot. I'm glad he had a great time, he is growing a lot. Also I thought I might add that Kellin looks so big, gosh get that kid on weights and he will be huge, I saw the picture and I seriously thought for the longest time that he was Jonathan. He just looks a lot older. And McKenna is so cute still which I love; she can't leave that stage until I get

Also I can't believe that Skyler is on his way to Chile! Man he will be a stud missionary, I'm excited to hear his view point about Chile. I'm ecstatic for him and it's even crazier that I will only be 30 min away from him. Crazy huh?

I love you all to pieces and I pray for you all everyday

Tengan una buena semana!
-Elder Pedersen

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