Monday, January 31, 2011

With love from Chile...

Love One Another

As missionaries approached the chapel for our January "revelatory experience," (change meeting) they all passed by this man sitting just outside of the gates of the church grounds. One companionship of missionaries stopped to share with him a small lesson and a church pamphlet. Most walked right by him without speaking to him.

During our "revelatory experience" this man entered the chapel. President Laycock invited him to come in and sit with us. Imagine the surprise of our missionaries when he quietly removed his blanket and wig, came to the microphone, and bore his testimony!

President and Sister Laycock and the Assistants had previously arranged for him to dress as "one of the least of these" and visit our meeting so that we could remind one another of the importance of loving and serving all of God's children without unfairly judging them.

We discussed the need for us as representatives of Christ to be His arms and to reach out to all of those in need of His restored gospel. It was a powerful lesson about love and charity, and we all committed to be better representatives of our Savior as we search for people to love and serve.

Wow I had no idea that you all went to Arizona! That is so weird because like you said I feel like I was just there with you both! Holy cow this time is flying by fast! That is so awesome that Nancy and Emma were baptized. It totally made my day and also thank you dad for all the pictures that you sent. McKenna and Emma looked so cute together. I couldn't stop smiling lol. I bet the whole baptism was way awesome and spiritual, I wish I could have been there to see our family and one of God's children make that covenant with him and come to his fold and take part of all the blessing's that God has in store for them. What an awesome experience that must have been for all of you and for dad to be able to confirm her as well.

Also tell Kenny that I said happy birthday! And I'm glad that he loved Arizona as much as I did. Tell that stud that I love him and to keep working hard in everything. I feel bad for not writing Kenny or the rest of the family and some others. But I'm always so busy doing stuff on P-days and I really never have time for anything. My companion always wants to play soccer. But I hope one day I will have a whole day to just write letters. Also, I don't have changes for another 2 weeks. Just a side note.

This week we have actually been doing really good and we committed someone to a baptism date on he accepted, but it's really hard to get him to progress because he lives with his girlfriend and loves to party and what not. But this week we also committed this other lady and she really wants to get baptized but she has to ask her husband. So we are praying that she will go through with it because her little kids would then be baptized also. This week has been great even though we are not finding tons of people. I have really felt the joy, happiness and satisfaction that come with preaching the true gospel of Jesus Christ.

I was really jealous to hear that now two apostles have come to teach and speak in Chanelle's mission. We don't get apostles or anyone down here. Only president Costa comes down here but I wasn't even here at the time. I think they are worried about the whole earthquake thing. That's why we think they haven't come in a while.

I loved the quote that Chanelle gave about what can I do to offend Satan today? I always wonder if I'm doing enough to bring glory to my Heavenly Father. And I always pray for the courage to follow the spirit and stop people in the street and talk to them. I don't always feel like I'm not doing enough to frustrate the work of Satan.

Also I'm glad that you received the package that I sent to you all. And I'm glad you liked it. Did the jacket end up fitting Kellin or Kenny? And did you love the alfajores? They are way good huh?

Well I love you all. I'm glad you all had a great time in Arizona.

Until next week
Con Amor

-Elder Pedersen

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