Monday, January 24, 2011

Working hard...and loving it!

Thank you for all your prayers and thank you Mom and Dad for all you letters that I receive. Just like Chanelle says, I can always feel your prayers as I am involved in this work.

I cannot believe mom that you were able to move your arm after that. I thought it would have been worse for sure. What a miracle! I always pray for the entire family, their isn't a night that I miss praying for you all. I love you all so much and that has only increased being on my mission.

I feel horrible for not writing people back, I totally know I need to do that. I have no idea how Chanelle has the time to be able to write everyone back. It really is hard to find time but maybe I don't write everyone back because I feel like I need to actually sit down and write a long letter to people. But I guess it doesn't have to be that way. Hey by the way did you get my package? I know it wasn't the best package in the world lol, but I hope you got it, also did the Coffman's get my letter?

Mom the lesson that you gave on Sunday totally reminded me of the talk by Holland. I'm not sure if you have listened to it but it's called the inconvenient Messiah. He gave it to all the BYU students when he was president. I heard it when I was on my mission and it talks about that exact same thing and is totally amazing. There are tons of other talks you can get from But anyway, just a side note. It sounded like your lesson went really good.

Yeah I gave my talk yesterday. It was on service and I spoke for 15 min. And surprisingly I wasn't really nervous. And I didn't say um. Lol.

I related my talk to how we should serve the members in the ward and I quoted the talk by Dallen H Oaks about how we need to change are attitudes about going to church cause some people say that the church isn't fulfilling their needs. But instead our experience in the church can be a whole lot better when we reach out to those that don't have friends and serve. It was good; I just hope people could understand me with my still gringo accent. as opposed to talking with your mouth more open and really pronuciating every word. Our ward mission leader spoke after us so the people could totally tell the difference between good talk and Chilean talk.

This week we have been teaching a lot of less actives and recent converts that are finding it hard to go to church. And we have been teaching them to "cast therefore away thy fear", like Paul says in the scriptures. And how like you said Dad Satan tries to put lies into our heads and deceive us. It's all over through the B of M and Bible. So we have been really helping them all in that area and trying to be bold with them as well.

This week we went to visit with a family who I totally love. The one that my trainer and his old companion baptized and we knew that he was going through some hard times in the family. And so we went over and he straight out told us he needs help and that he is starting to drink again and he can't help it. He was totally crying because he feel like he should go to a doctor to get help but he knows we can help him because the missionaries have helped him before. So every day during the week at 4pm we have been calling him because that is his hardest time of the day and we gave him a blessing and I told him that what really helps me is fasting and that truly fasting can give us power from the adversary, and can take that desire away that he has to drink. I really felt bad for him because he really wants to be the best for his family.

Also today we went (seriously) everywhere in Santiago I felt. We went to San Cristobel where it has the huge statue of the virgin Mary that everybody around the word comes and sees not only because of sacred meaning for them, but the view is amazing. We saw a couple that we just realized from being called on a mission. And they told us that brother Corbridge was their too, even though we didn't see him. But still cool to know he was there. There were a lot of different people that came to see it from all around the world. So it was pretty weird to hear others speak in English around me. And the view seriously was the best view in all of Santiago because it's the highest place. Then we went to Santa Lucia for a bit to eat at ruby Tuesdays which totally made my day as well as all the other missionaries that were with us. I felt like I was in the U.S. I loved it. Then I heard some Michael buble which totally made me trunky listening to. Lol It was a crazy day. We traveled tons!

Well I want you to know I love you all and I love this work.
I'm thankful for this wonderful opportunity to be here serving the people in Chile.

Thank you mom and dad for you uplifting letters that just make me even more want to get out their and spread

This message of hope that we carry each day as members of the true church of Christ.
Work hard and always do what's right.
Con Amor,

Elder Pedersen

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