Monday, January 10, 2011

You reap what you Sow...

It's hot and only getting hotter! But I am loving it here. We had changes today and we got the call and I found out that I'm staying in the same ward again. I wasn't disappointed but I wanted to leave to get to know other wards and experience different areas but I'm content with what the Lord has given me and I'm staying with the same companion and same area for a reason. I'm excited also because I know I'm really going to change these next week's with the goals that I want to accomplish, and through my obedience and diligence and with the right desires for everything, the Lord will keep putting people in our path and I will really be the servant and representative that the Lord wants me to be and we will continue to see miracles like we have been seeing. I have really changed a lot from the time that I was with my trainer and now after being with my new companion Elder Fiscuss, and in a good way too. Before with the couple two changes I kinda went with the flow with missionary work and I guess you could say I didn't fully understand it either but now I really have learned to think and meditate on why I am really here and what I am doing. I have had a lot of time to think about it and have had some spiritual experiences. When I was first put with my new companion I was honestly scared but I figured out I could walk on my own and I learned to put full trust in the hands of the Lord and what could come out of that. But pushing my companion hard and not giving up even when it was difficult helped us both grow together.

During this week we had lunch with a hermano and his family, he had served a mission and told us how important the mission was to him and he said that the mantle that we have and that he had as a missionary is truly powerful and we have a one on one connection with the Lord because we are representatives of him and he said he has never felt that same mantle in any other calling. I really felt the sprit as he was talking and saying this to us. I don't want to waste a second of my mission! I can't afford to, this is only a short time to be on a mission. It will fly bye. There is so much I want to become and to learn and I know I can do it if I give all I have to God through my obedience. One thing that our President said to us this morning that hit me was you reap what you sow. if I want more knowledge than I have got to study, if I want success and to feel the spirit than I have got to be obedient. It's as simple as that and in return the Lord blesses us. That is exactly how it is with everything in life. I know I am a representative of my savior Jesus Christ and I know why I'm here. I am literally set apart on a higher plane from the world.

Thank you for all the letters and the pictures, it seems like it was a great turn out for Ethans farewell. I'm excited for him and i know he will definitely grow. I hope everything is going good? I pray for you all every night. I truly love each one of you.

Thank you Dad for the letters, I was bawling when I read the letter. This is truly the chosen generation and I know we are coming to the time when the Savior will come. I see it every day here in Chile in how much Satan works on the sons and daughters of God. It's sad to see it because Gods side has already won and the irony of all of it is that people are still trying to figure out what side they are on. This week it was really sad because 2 missionaries who were totally awesome, and one of them was my first zone leader messed up by doing some stupid things with girls. I couldn't believe it because I looked up to one of these missionaries a lot. It just shows how much Satan works on the children of God.

Stay strong, all of you. This gospel is true!
You reap what you sow.

I love you all,
Elder pedersen

P.S. You can tell BreAnne that I got her and Devin's letter.
And mom I didn't get Chanelle's letter for some reason.Chow!

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