Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Year!!

Yeah, yesterday around 5 there was another earthquake in Concepcion! It was crazy hearing about it because apparently all the geologists were saying there was not going to be another one for a while. I think there will be an earthquake here sometime soon. All the missionaries have been talking about it. I think the mission president knows something that we don't because he has been visiting all the pensions with his wife and the assistants which he never does ever. The only time he has done that was before the last earthquake and he is still begging missionaries to get their emergency backpacks ready. And Mom you remember the letter you read about sister Laycock's dream she had about the last earthquake? Well president received revelation at that time also, and it was that something was going to happen to humble the people in Santiago. Well the people are not humble at all from the last one. Everybody thinks that the first one was just a warning for us. Crazy, huh? It's all good though, don't freak out. lol

Well this New Year we didn't do anything, we actually had to be in the pension at 8 because of all the parties and bad stuff in the streets that were going on that night, as well as all the traditions that people do here as well, there is a bunch of weird traditions that the Chileans do here. Such as wearing yellow underwear for good luck, walking around with a suitcase which gives luck to the families that hopefully will get to travel this next year, throwing rice around everywhere, and of course drinking like crazy and then sleeping the entire next day. haha. There are a lot more strange traditions.

So basically it was hard this week to find people to teach because they were mostly all with family partying or on family vacations and some of our investigators say to come back in February. It stinks because one of our investigators was totally interested but we think he was influenced by his wife not to listen to us because they are all catholic. Our other investigator was super interested in family history and she came to the church to do some and we taught her the first lesson with her husband and she was interested but her husband wasn't. So we passed by and she didn't seem that interested anymore. It was kind of frustrating. So we have been visiting and teaching members and building relationships with them. I guess we just need to keep finding more people to teach every day.

This week I have really been thinking about how I can be better because this week just wasn't that great, we haven't had a lot of success or people to teach. Just like Chanelle says, I feel weak sometimes and I feel like there is so much I want to accomplish being here on my mission. I always have had the question in the back of my head if I'm doing enough every day. But I have noticed that all I have to do is put all my trust in God and the rest always falls into place. I have had that happen so many times being here that I get worried about something and then when I put my trust into the hands of the lord and having a prayer in my heart, everything always seems to work out in the end. I don't know why I seem to forget that sometimes. I need not worry, all God asked of me is to give him my all and in place he will pour out blessings and we will be surprised by the change that will come over us. I always try and remember what Elder Bednar said, "Just be a good little boy or girl and the lord will take care of the rest." I know God can make our weak things become strong when we turn our lives to the lord

I love this gospel and I'm glad to see the good changes that have come over the family since I have been gone. I love you all and I'm glad everybody had fun for the New Years.

To a fresh new start!
Con Amor,
Elder Pedersen

P.S. what is Skylers E-mail or address

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