Monday, January 17, 2011

Sick with the Flu....

First of all thank you Mom and Dad for all your inspiring and energizing letters. I look forward every Monday to reading everyone's letters.

This week was a little different because I was sick with flu, cold and the chills for 3 days and I still don't feel that great, it just stunk because we weren't able to do much this past week. I was so excited to get out of the house and start working; I couldn't stand being in the house. It's weird because as a missionary it's hard just to sit around and not do much. And it also didn't help going to go get my carnet on Friday because I had to go and wait in lines forever with some other missionaries. And I had to sit in lines and the place where we were at didn't have a bathroom to blow my nose and the nearest bathroom was 3 blocks always and to use it I had to pay 200 pesos. So I was miserable the whole day and the next day we had to stay in the pension because I was feeling even worse. And so because of that I feel super behind in the sector. So this week we are going to work a lot.

But the day that we did have a chance to work, we taught a lot of lessons and found some people and also taught some less-active lessons.

But like you said Dad, I can't waste anytime because this is most likely my last month in this sector so I want to work my hardest this month. I have a feeling I will get a Latino for my next companion, well at least I want one because I want to get better at my Spanish even though I have learned tons and I know how to carry myself with the language, I know it would help a lot.

I'm glad you all had fun watching family home videos, I miss that day where we could just come home after church and relax and watch home videos. I could totally see Dad laughing his head off as you all watched them. I was laughing when you told me about how you were like the dad off of the movie the Christmas vacation. He always reminds me of him for some reason.

Thank you also for the story you sent to me. It was a way cool story; I might use some of it in my talk that I have to give next week that I'm not really looking forward to. But it's about service and I, my comp., and our new ward mission leader all have to speak for 15 min...I'm kind of scared but not nearly as much as I was when I had to give one in my first change.

Well sorry this one is a bit short. And also have you all gotten the package that I sent you?

And yes Mom I was in the Olympics. They took a lot of pictures of us; I guess they only choose a couple to go on the website. But I am in the picture with the tunnels. I'm the one crawling through the tunnel and almost at the end.

Also tell those that are waiting for a letter that I'm working on it. lol especially the Coffmans since they write me so consistently.

Well I absolutely love you all and I love hearing that everyone is happy and doing great.

Choose the right always

Con Amor,
Elder Pedersen

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