Thursday, February 10, 2011

The blessings of being a missionary...

I loved reading all the letters. Wow I love my family so much. Just reading the letters made me really think on how much the Lord has brought our family even closer together since me and Chanelle have been gone, and not only our family, but the extended family as well. The Lord truly takes care of the families of those who serve him. I absolutely love this gospel and I am so blessed to be able to be one missionary serving the lord and having the opportunity to leave behind and not worry about school, work, relationships and many other things and in return the Lord pours out his blessings upon those who serve him. How could one afford not to leave? The blessings and happiness are so great. And yes definitely I will join the family on memorizing the living Christ. Mom, when you said that it would be a great gift to the Savior, I really felt the spirit and that I should do it. I just don’t know if I will do it in Spanish or English. And dad thanks you for all your letters. Thank you for all the experiences that you have shared with me

I was sad to hear that Chanelle is beating me on the whole sending pictures and videos. For a second I thought I was winning. I know I’m a loser at it. It didn’t take me long to realize that sister missionaries are way better at it and just better all around. I know I definitely need to send more videos. Well first I need to take

Wow I couldn’t believe that Breanne and Bronson were back together. I wonder how that will turn out. Also how are Devin and Skyler doing? Is Skyler getting his papers ready? I hope; that kid needs to get on a mission.

Well back to me lol. This week was a good one and we have had the chance to be able to find more people in their houses than we thought because everyone is at the beach or on vacations. But we found some new people to teach that are way awesome. I’m excited to be able to teach them more and more. One of the people we taught wasn’t really interested at first, but then she let us in the following week and we taught her, we got into talking about how families can be together because of the restored gospel and she really wants her family to be more unified, so as we were talking to her about it, she started bawling and she told us she knew the spirit was there as we were teaching and so we asked her to be baptized and she said that she still wasn’t convinced yet and she would still have to find out for herself. So we are praying that she can receive an answer.

Then we taught a family that of course has a child and are not married. So that’s a problem. But we taught the first lesson and the guy was super interested to know about the religion and what happens after death. It was funny when we were teaching the first lesson about the first vision the little kid had to go into the bathroom with the door open and started going to the bathroom super loud. lol yeah like hershey Squirts. And everybody couldn't stop laughing. So basically the lesson kinda died and it totally interrupted the first vision part just like it does every time, something always seems to happen. But we have been teaching them ever since, so i hope it all goes well. And also a less active family that has been going to church got assaulted and beat up. It was way sad cause he had bruises and lost a tooth. So we have been helping them out. Its crazy how bad Chile is sometimes. But i always feel super protected as a missionary. And also what was cool is we put a baptismal date for someone who finally left her boyfriend and is ready for baptism. And she came to the church this last Sunday so she will be baptized my last Sunday here. so I'm excited for that.

Well sorry this was a kinda short letter but we came to the internet late, so I only had so much time.

I love you all and I pray for you all everyday. Tell Shanna I will be praying for her and sorry I didn't write her back today. I didn't have time. I love you all, keep me and Chanelle in your prayers.

Con Amor,
Elder Pedersen

P.S. mom or dad could you send me a pin drive to put my pictures on just in case my pictures or camera get stolen? Or just put money on the card so I can buy it here. and possibly a recorder, and my priesthood line of authority , and maybe genealogy or you could just tell me what generation we are in the church, and how far back or who was the first Mormon in the family tree? That would be awesome. If you can, thank you.

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