Monday, February 21, 2011

Con Mucho Amore!!

Well this week was a little crazy and hard. I got the call for transfers last night and to my surprise. I’m staying again for my 5th change! I’m not going to lie I was a little bummed because I totally thought I was going to leave and get to know some of the mission, but they called and said elder Pedersen "se kada" and I was super surprised because I actually was already half packed (lol) that was the funny thing. My companion was laughing so hard. Can you believe it? I’m going to end up being in the same sector that I was in when I first got to Chile! This will end up being 7 and half months in total! I came last year in September and will leave in April. Yeah it still kind of shocks me. But I prayed to my Heavenly Father to know of why I am here again. I have interviews with the President and he knows that I am here. But little by little the Lord is making it known to me of why I am here and taking away that disappointment from my heart and I’m sure that I will understand why I am here in no time.
Man that scared me about Mom. I pray for the family all the time, I know mom will be fine. She is super tough and I know that she has big faith in the power of the priesthood. I know her faith will make her healed. I will defiantly pray for her.

I also couldn’t believe the amazing story you told me about Heather Coffman! Holy cow what a miracle! I love that family. The Lord defiantly watches out for that family and gives them many blessings. Maybe not blessings like money or the physical things. But every person that knows them can see it in their eyes that they are truly blessed from the gospel of Jesus Christ and that they are happy. I’m so happy for them and I pray that their health gets better.
This week was a good one also. We were able to help another one of God’s children into the waters of baptism. It was a way cool experience getting her to that step, but it was hard getting her their because we had to make sure her testimony was strong - we didn’t want her to get baptized just because. Yeah, all my converts are going to stay in the Church! (lol) She had to quit a lot of stuff. But she made it and it was cool too because I was able to baptize her as well. I also didn’t have to baptize her three times like I had to with my last baptism. (lol) It went really good and she ended up feeling the Spirit really strong and now her less active parents want to come to church now because they came to the baptism and liked it.

Another thing is that we are starting to do a noche de hogar, which is a Family Home Evening every Friday at the church. We have a camp fire (Chileans don’t do that) and we roast marshmallows and have a lesson, we also do it with 2 other missionaries. We also invite members, recent converts, less active, and any investigators we are working with. We only did it once and we were way excited and invited a bunch of people. But only two showed up. We were way disappointed. But we are still going to do it.

Oh also thank you so much family for the package! It came the day after Valentine’s Day which I totally forgot about. But when I opened the package and saw Recess and jerky, my mouth started watering (lol). I was so excited. And on top of that I got a letter from McKenna! I was excited to finally hear from my little sister. Man I love that girl! Just thinking about her laugh makes me laugh (lol). I’m so excited for her baptism. I can’t wait!

This week I also got to meet a recent convert family that I met from a different sector that speaks English. It was so cool talking to them. They are from Ohio and they were on vacation in Chile. So we did some service for them and they videotaped us talking and what not, then they put it on YouTube, so maybe you could look it up! I will have to find that name out. But when we started teaching, I couldn’t really do it at all in English. It was like I forgot how to testify to people in English. I couldn’t even teach because I’m so used to speaking to people in Spanish. But it was a fun experience.

Well until next week. I’m excited for this next change; I’m really setting goals to be a better tool in the Lord’s hands. I want to be one of my Father in Heavens favorite children, just like it says in the scriptures, as we all should strive for.

I will keep you all in my prayers. Especially mom.

I love you all. Stay strong.
Con mucho Amor-

Elder Pedersen

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