Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines Day!!

This week has been great. , But hard at the same time. I have learned a lot this week from my trials and from the spiritual experiences I have had. A couple of days this week we had everything totally planned like everyday but a couple day during the week we had set appointments and they all fell through. We walked so much. And we tried hard to make it to every appointment even though they we on opposite sides of the sector. There was a day that was super hard, and we walked so much that I felt like throwing my agenda on the ground and finding a shady place to lie down and take a nap. But we kept on going, and by the end of the night we ended up having a great lesson and I really felt the spirit.

This week I have really learned that the lord can speak to me during the hardest moments. Even though I ask myself in those times of why he makes it so hard on his missionaries sometimes? Or shouldn't it be easier? But I know that is not how the lord works. He wants to help us more than we know. He is always there to comfort us with his spirit to let us know that he will never flee or abandon us. We just got to always push forward with a smile on our faces and with great love for the people.

This week I was able to go to the temple which is such a blessing to be able to go every change. This week I have really felt such a great love for this gospel. Just with studying in the mornings and with all I learn, I can't believe how blessed I am to be able to have this gospel in my life and not only that but to be able to share it and testify of it. We taught a family who has now been coming back to church. In the past two changes of teaching them, I have felt such a great love for them. They have really felt the gospel has changed their lives. They never knew what they we missing. And seeing how the gospel has changed their lives leaves me feeling so happy to see how the gospel really changes people.

Also yes there have been a couple of earthquakes here in Chile, but we didn't really feel anything here, or at least we missionaries didn't because we are not used to feeling tremors often I guess. But the weather has been super weird. It has been insanely hot and then all of the sudden there were lightning and then it rain really hard out of nowhere. And it's in the middle of summer. They think there will be another earthquake because the weather was just like this that year before the last earthquake.

Oh and also it has been awesome to be memorizing the living Christ. I have been trying to memorize it in Spanish and I have already memorized the first week. It was surprisingly easier than I thought to memorize it in Spanish. Maybe because I'm always memorizing words and stuff and also because I have been praying to be able to do it. It's great though cause whenever a bad thought pops into my head or I see something, I can just go over in my head of what I memorized. It's like singing a song lol. I love it. I'm glad you came up with the idea Mom.

And also this is my last week in this sector because next week is changes. I'm actually kind of excited and at the same time sad because this ward is awesome but they know me of when I first was born into this sector. So I feel like they look at me like a newbie. But I guess its okay because people also comment on how much I have improved with my Spanish as opposed to when I first got here. So that a plus.

And dad yeah I got your E-mail as well, I cannot believe those missionaries that were in the ward. They were actually playing Pokémon. That is so pathetic. Yah don't worry about me or Chanelle. You're never going to hear me and Chanelle sitting in the pension playing a 8 year old I guess sometimes missionaries lose track of why they are on a mission.

Oh yeah thanks Chanelle for the little tip about the eating. Except here we can't really choose how much we eat and sometimes there is no way I can eat seconds of the food here. They serve sometimes weird things especially in the summer. They eat tons of mashed corn lol. Oh and you know how I really didn't like soda that much before the mission. Yeah well now I think I'm addicted lol. Seriously everyone serves us coke and I hated coke before the mission. I wasnt able to drink a can of pop before the I just thought mom would like to hear that sense she loves us drinking pop lol.

I love you all and thank you for all your letters mom and dad. And by the way where are all the letters from the kids. I think they forgot that Chanelle is not the only one on a mission ha-ha. Yeah I know I haven't written them in a while but still I want letters.

I love you all though, I will let you know where I go for this next change.

I pray for you all every day,

Con Amor, Elder Pedersen

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