Monday, February 28, 2011

Making the most of my mission!

That’s way awesome that elder Crandall came to say hi this past week. He was definitely such a stud missionary. I really hope I can be like that. I have been thinking a lot this week on how I do not ever want to return back home being the same person. I have learned tons, but I know the lord still has tons for me to do and I still have so much to do and much to grow still. I get scared sometimes thinking that before I know it I could be going home and I don’t want to say I wish I would have worked harder or that I wish I would have preached like it was my last day in the mission. I just don’t want to leave a sector or leave the mission without leaving it better than when I got there. I want to do my best out here and take advantage of every day and not just go with the flow of the mission.

But I know I need not worry, because I have already learned tons and I know if I am obedient and try my best, The lord will form me into the missionary he wants me to be. I think I’m just being a little too hard on myself. I will always remember the time when Tyler came and told all of us with tears in his eyes how much his mission had meant to him.

I absolutely love this gospel and the opportunity the lord has given me to be here serving the people of Chile. With the experiences that I have already had, I will never forget them.

But with other news. This week has been a good one. We have been working hard to teach people but many people are gone. Maybe when it gets colder and into winter time it will be easier to find people in their houses. Which by the way I’m super excited to have the weather change back to cold. I’m so tired of the heat. lol. Plus it will be so much more fun when it’s colder.

But I’m glad everything is going great back at home and that mom is back to That’s cool that our ward gets to go to play in Klamath Falls. Its probably cause of Kenny, he has always been way good at basketball.

I also can’t believe Skyler is going to get his call this week. It’s about time. Lol and he hasn’t even told me. Tell Skyler to write me on my email when he gets it. It’s funny I actually can see him going to Brazil too. Or he could go to Peru. Man I’m way excited for him!

The living Christ has been awesome by the way. I have loved memorizing it. And I’m confused. Are you memorizing a line a week or a paragraph a week? Because I’m pretty sure we won’t get it done if we memorized a line a week.

Well I don’t have much to say this week. But I love you all and
hope you all have a great week. Work hard!

Con Amor
-Elder Pedersen

P.S. did you guys see the pictures of when I cut
the chickens head off? Pretty funny huh? lol
I was pretty scared doing it! haha

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