Tuesday, March 8, 2011

What? Skyler is coming to Chile!!!!

Holy cow. I was definitely fed full of information this week. I was freaking out when I opened the letter from Skyler!! I couldn't believe that he was going to Chile! I told the elders I was with and they said that some of the sectors that are in my mission, border the one Skyler will be going to. I will for sure see him here. I'm so stoked I can hardly stand it. Man I almost started crying just watching him open his letter. I'm so excited for him and cannot wait for him to start this journey.

And yes I am still trying to memorize the living Christ. How far are you all btw?

Man I still cannot stop thinking about skyler.lol It's so awesome because I can tell him all about Chile and about the weird language that they use. I love the language and yes I'm learning tons and it took a while, but I can understand it great now and are be able to communicate with people just fine, even though there will always be new things to learn, but it's definitely been a roller coaster trying to learn this language. And a lot of humbling experiences, but I love the fact that I can speak a second language and I know it all because of the Lord.

I can't believe that Kayla in engaged. Is she in Medford? Tell her or her mom that she needs to write me. Man that's crazy. It's insane to hear about all the stuff that goes on while I'm on the mission.

That's funny about Jordan thinking he is getting fat. It happens to most missionaries, but it is having the opposite affect on me, I'm losing my muscle and getting skinny. I definitely hate it. But the work is more important than worrying about working out all the time and how I will look when I get back. Lol. It's all good.

By the way. Can you give me Jordan's E-mail? I don't have it.

Sorry this is so short, but I have to go.
Love you all,

Elder Pedersen

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