Monday, March 28, 2011

To A Great Week!!!!

The picture of the one little kid totally looks like me I thought.

This week was way cool. I went on divisions for a day with an elder from a different sector and we went up in the mountains because it's in my sector; which I didn't realize before and so we went up there and went through the poorest area that I have ever seen. The houses look like the house in the picture that I was knocking at and their was trash everywhere! So I was kind of scared that someone would do something to us so we left their and went into the mountains and it was so awesome. The sight was awesome as well and I felt like a missionary in Africa or It was way cool and on the way up we talked with a bunch of people and actually taught the first lesson with a group of people and we said a prayer with them and I could really feel the spirit as we taught them and answered their questions that they had for us. It was cool because I had more time out in the mission than he did but we felt like the spirit guide us in what to say. It was way fun.

Wow, its seems like you all had a great time in Portland this week. I saw the pictures but for some reason or another I couldn't see all of it. I saw Kenny's shoe and that was it. Lol I was jealous to hear that you all went to go eat sushi, seems like you all pigged out. I miss those awesome drives as a family and just talking and laughing and talking about the gospel. I bet Kenny is loving all the attention and being spoiled. Lol I think I would actually like it too.

Thank you for the letters that I got. I loved them. It's so true what you said that Satan is all about addiction and that God is all about freedom.  I see it here in families and all around the place. And they just tell themselves that they are happy and they don't need help but I see the members of the church and how happy they all are (true happiness) and it's hard to find that in a world like this.

This week we were trying to work on a mom of a recent convert because she loves us and really respects us so we tried to teach her, but in the end she told us that she feels that God has blessed her through the happiness that her son has found because of us and the gospel and that she feels that she has the love of god in her life enough that she doesn't feel the need to go. It made me upset when I heard that, I was so close to asking her if God needs to take away that happiness or have something significant happen for you to feel you need God and to go to church? It made me frustrated because too many people think that here. God is all about freedom, in the end it's a better path to take, and it always leads to happiness.

I was so excited to hear that Devin was starting his papers. Man I'm so excited for him to leave, he is really going to learn a lot and God will work miracles with him. I'm so excited to hear all of the people receiving their mission call.

I received the package that you sent me by the way for the living Christ. I'm on week 7; I'm not sure really what we are supposed to be on right now. I was cracking up when I got the letter from Kellin. Tell him thank you for the letter. He always makes me laugh.

We definitely are seeing miracles here even though they are not miracles such as someone running up to us saying they want to be baptized but we definitely see the hand of the lord in this work and in our safety. Sometimes I wonder how I and my companion are kept so safe, people yell at us and cuss at us and other stuff but I actually feel safe. It's truly a miracle walking around the streets here in Santiago.

And yes mom you hit it right on the dot, next week is transfers which is totally weird because I feel like I just started this change like a week ago. I'm pretty much leaving. I learned a lot from this change and now like Chanelle told me, I have a family to go back to now. Even though I was here for the last general conference, it's so weird to think about that. Time has flown and I'm excited for the experiences that lie ahead for me. I'm so stoked for general conference this next week. Seriously it's like Christmas for me. We teach lessons after lessons testifying that there is a prophet and apostles that lead and guide the church and now I get to here form them and receive revelation from their words. I can hardly wait and all I want to do this week is invite people to it because there is truly power to their words that carry the spirit into the hearts of those who hear.

And yes Mom I got the flu shot, I didn't pansy out lol.

Love you all; sorry this letter is kind of short. I also want to send some pictures.

Love Elder Pedersen

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