Monday, April 4, 2011


Dear Family,

Wow a bunch has happened this week and thank you to all those who sent me a letter this week, every one of them has given me that extra strength to push myself even more. And sorry if I didn't get a chance to write some of you guys back.

This week seriously has been like Christmas. General conference was so amazing!! Gosh I got so much out of it. I'm always left a better person and with a greater desire to be so much better and as well I'm left with not knowing how people cannot believe that this church is true. It truly is the church of God with our Savior Jesus Christ at the head of it. And this entire week I have been with my companion trying to get through to people how important it is to go to general conference and nobody ended up going. It was really disappointing; I just wish it was as important to them as it is to me.

Priesthood session was so amazing! They talked about priesthood in a totally different way that I needed to hear. Every person truly gets something out of conference that others don't. Like I felt that they were talking a lot about the second coming and how we truly need to prepare because times will get worse and it's my responsibility to declare repentance and to prepare them others for the second coming. And I as well really loved the talk by christopherson about chastisement, and also Uchtdorf's talk was amazing.

I absolutely loved conference. I'm always filled with the spirit every time. Even though I wasn't there to eat crepes or go to priesthood and be with the family, I felt the love from the family and it made it so much better knowing everybody was watching it at the same time. I was also glad that they taught about marriage in conference because some of these families here really needed it.

By the way thank you for the video, lol I was actually surprised to receive one. It was basically my first time being able to see my family in action lol. I was laughing so hard watching Daniel and McKenna swing their arms up and down. They make me laugh so hard.

And why is everybody freaking out, I'm not 20 yet I still have a couple more days to be 19 even though I already celebrated it with my comp. and a couple other people from the zone with all the things that the Coffman's sent to me which I'm super grateful for. Don't worry I will get them a letter. I love them so much; they are so awesome to even think about me. And by the way no one needs to send me a package; I already know its super expensive sending a package here. And no I haven't got a package from the Grows and yes there is a letter on its way to Devin. Except I sent it before I knew he was going to go on a mission. Man when I heard he was going, I wanted to stand up and scream and cry. I'm so happy for him and I know the mission will seriously change his life. I know because it has mine.

Oh yeah the most important part. I got transferred to a different sector! I'm freaking out. That night when we were to get the call to go I was so scared to stay. I knew I needed a change even though it was sad leaving the sector where I have been my entire mission. But that night I seriously never thought that I would hear the words: Elder Pedersen, Se Va.
So I got to changes and our President spoke to us and then I received my comp. I was so scared to hear where I would be sent to because I have heard some scary things about a lot of sectors.

But I got called to a place called "Apoquindo" or "Las Condes" I think that how you spell it. I was freaking out because its one of the richest sectors and one of the best wards as well I found out that the Presidents house is in our sector! And we eat at his house every Thursday. I don't know maybe president wanted me super close to him. But I was so ecstatic and my companion came with me here to Chile even though I had never really talked with him before. But he seems cool and like a hard worker. His name is Elder Tooley. It's going to be a blast! Seriously this place is so much nicer than the south. The people and everything is different. It just stinks because everything is more expensive. Oh and I stay in a house with two other missionaries who are the people who have a car and go around fixing pensiones. And they are way cool. I'm excited for this change and I know I will grow a lot. It was sad saying goodbye to all the people since they are all I know since being in the mission. It was also crazy splitting me and my companion up since we have been together for so long. Me and Elder Fiscus really got along and had a good time together. Our personality's fit well together.

I really hope this ward likes me even though I heard that they are awesome. But its okay, my excitement in being here and for the work will make them like me. Oh also I'm close to a place to send letters now, so I will be able to send them more often.

I can't believe that BreAnne is getting married; it's kind of sad cause I really thought we would be able to hang out at BYU when I got back. Man I wish I could be there so bad for her wedding. I guess you will need to send a bunch of pictures.
Well I love you all and thank you for the happy birthday wishes and video. It made my week to see my family.

Love you all and thank you for your prayers.
This church is true!

Elder Pedersen

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