Monday, April 25, 2011

Querida Family....

Querida family,

I can’t believe that I will be talking to you all In just a couple of weeks, like Chanelle said I feel like I seriously just talked with the family like a month ago; it’s crazy! I’m excited to talk with everyone! Also yes I can use Skype; do you want me to use it?

Thank you for the video, I love getting videos. That awesome that you all memorized the living Christ! I was laughing my head off because I could tell some people didn’t know it as well as others lol. But it’s all good, you did it!

I loved reading Chanelles letter, whenever I read her letters I can feel the excitement that she has for everything. It gives me a boost of she is so awesome and I can’t believe that she will be leaving the mission in no time! It’s so weird how time flies by. In about 2 months I will be hitting my year mark! It’s insane.

This week was a good but weird one as well, at church no one really talked about Jesus Christ. It was a weird Easter. Just Spanish wards in general are sometimes weird to go to. I loved reading about how your sacrament meeting went, It seems like the spirit flooded the sacrament meeting.
Me and my companion elder Tooley are trying to work together better and are a better team. We have are differences and some kinks to work out but we are doing well. I’m learning to serve more and have patience especially when it’s hard to do so.
This week I have had the chance to visit alot of people and serve. Some of the people that we visited were poor or poor in spirit or people that had physical disabilities and visiting them I really felt the love of the that the Savior has for them and while visiting them I felt the spirit because I felt like I was really a representative of Jesus Christ and I was doing what Christ would be doing if he were in my place. I felt the joy that comes from serving those who don’t have much whether it may be spiritually or physically because that’s what Jesus did when he was on the earth and I have found the desire to serve and look for those people who are lost and need help. We can truly be a useful tool in the hands of the lord if we truly look for what god would have us do so we can bless the lives of those around us daily. There are so many people in need. I love this gospel and I love going out everyday testifying that Jesus lives and that he can truly heal all those who come to him. I truly would not be any happier doing anything else with my life than be out here on the mission serving my Heavenly Father.

Thank you for all your prayers and support.
Stay strong and do what Kenny says because it’s doing those
Simple things that make all the difference.

Have and great week!
Con Amor,

Elder Pedersen

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