Monday, April 18, 2011

From Chile with LOVE!!

Thank you dad for your e-mail. I needed that because sometimes I feel the spirit to do something or to talk to someone but I end up not doing it because my fear gets the best of me which I really have no reason to be scared.  I guess it’s just a tool that Satan can use on me. But that is changing a lot, because I’m not anywhere near where I was when I started. I like what you said dad on how sometimes it’s just a test that God gives us even though the person may not even be ready. I have experienced that a lot on my mission, that when I actually do what the spirit prompts me to do, then the lord knows that he can trust me with those promptings. I have seen it a lot on my mission and I always want to be among the ones that the lord can count on like President Uchtdorf said.

This week has been a great one. We are helping the young girl that wants to get baptized on her way to baptism. She got scared when we asked her to be baptized her mom told us. But at the moment we are trying to resolve her doubts and make sure she is ready and committed. It’s also helping a lot to have her mom their as we teach her, because the mom is wanting to learn as much as she can because she can’t remember barely anything about the church.

Also this week we taught a recent convert about temples with her less active mom who got excommunicated from the church (which there is a lot of in this ward) and we invited the mom, the daughter and her little girl that wants to get baptized and we took them on a tour around the temple with the hermanas that do the tours. It was really spiritual for them and especially for the mom because I don’t think that she has felt something like how she felt at the temple in a long time and so she just kept going on and on about how much she just wants to stay and how gorgeous the temple is.We told her that what she felt was the spirit, and we could really tell that it was good for her and it gave her that desire to come back to church.

It has been so crazy up here. I have taken tons of pictures and I can’t send them because I can’t find my cable to plug into the computer. I’m bummed because I can’t send pictures until I find that. But yes my companion has loosened up a lot and we are having fun working together. It just took us some time to get to know each other a bit more. He is from Nashville Tennessee and it 21. His name is elder Tooley. He is a way good guy and we are learning a lot from each other. I really love to teach because we have a lot more companionship unity when we teach people. It’s also weird I’m living with the pentionists if that is even how you spell it, but they are the ones who fix pensiones around the mission. It’s been fun but they are crazy and they basically are not even missionaries because they are always fixing things around the mission. So if they have time then they will work in our sector with us. It’s cool cause they also have a car to take us around so that really nice. Also what I have noticed up here is that kids and adults don’t yell at us saying ¨hello! ¨ or cussing at us. It’s very different and I like it. lol

Also we had lunch in the president’s house for the first time last week cause the week before something happened, but we don’t actually eat with president because he is always doing stuff but I guess sometimes he will be in his house when we are there. But it’s really fun to look around his house and to see pictures and of what he studies with his family and for his personal study. lol I don’t know why it’s fun to me but yeah it’s cool to go over their every Thursday to eat. I feel special lol.

Well I’m glad that everybody at home is doing well and you all had fun this last week. It seems like dad had a pretty crazy week. I love hearing about the family since I don’t really hear about anybody unless mom or dad tells me. I can’t believe that I get to talk to the family again! I seriously felt like I just talked to you all. It’s crazy but I’m way excited. By the way I need to pick it up on the living Christ because I’m sad to say that I’m slacking on it a bit. But its hard cause I used to do it every night before bed but now the other elders always come in at night and want to talk so I have to pick it up a bit.

That so funny that McKenna said that to Shanna. I cannot wait to pick her up and give her and big hug. I love that little girl. I bet she is having a ball having Shanna and Adam there. It’s weird because I cannot even imagine a little child talking in English anymore. That will definitely sound weird for the first time. lol

Oh by the way thank you for the package that you sent me. I actually needed a pillowcase so it was perfect and I like the picture of Oregon because I need more pictures to show everyone because nobody knows what Oregon looks like but now I have at least 1 I can show them.

I love you all and thank you for everything. I miss every one of you. Stay safe
spiritually and physically.

Con Amor,
Elder Pedersen

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