Wednesday, March 16, 2011


That's so awesome that you were able to sing in the concert. I was able to hear the one that Dad sent me, it really sounded like it went well. I know my mom can do anything! Never gives up on anything!

This week was a pretty good one. We were able to find many people. I just really hope that things happen with them. We are really content with the work were are doing in this sector, but it just stinks cause none of them are progressing very much, but we are praying that the people we find now will progress more.

It's been so crazy because of the tsunami that happened in Japan. We have been hearing about it everywhere and when we go in someone's house, they turn on the TV so we can see it. So we know what has been going on. They also say that we are expecting a tsunami in the south of Chile. But thank heavens that I am in Santiago where I don't think anything would reach unless there was an earthquake. But it has been sad to hear about it. But actually it's been good for the people here because yesterday we went knocking as a sector. And we were able to find tons of people home because of all the things that are going on around in the world. It has really made them open themselves up to hear the gospel and give us a chance and listen to us.

I hope that everyone is doing great at home. McKenna seems like she is getting cuter and cuter. She's so funny. I love the picture that you sent me. I hope she is excited to be baptized!

I don't have much time today. But I'm glad everyone is doing great. How is school going for everyone? And where is the letter from Chanelle. Well I guess I could just look on her blog. lol I keep thinking about her. I bet she is so trunkey right now. I can't believe how close she is to going home.

I love you all!!  Could you let me know how much is on my card and which account to take it out of?

Love you, Work hard!
Elder Pedersen

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