Monday, November 29, 2010

Weird Thanksgiving away from home!!

This week was definitely a weird one, not only because it was my first Thanksgiving away from home but because I was in charge of the sector. It was a pretty hard week because I was still trying to figure out how everything works and what not. SO the first couple of days I was so dead tired. We walked everywhere trying to get into a house and looking for less actives. Its a lot different not being with my trainer, I'm not going to lie but I was scared at first because I always felt like if I didn't understand someone elder Johnston would be there, Or if it was an awkward situation, I could lean on my trainer for help, but now that I'm with elder Fiscuss I'm realizing that I can do more than I thought I could and I know more Spanish than I thought I did. I really put all my trust in the lord, every bit of it and I found out I was just fine and now I know that this change was truly inspired from God. I'm growing a lot and doing more things than I thought I could. Its actually kind of exciting because I was kinda waiting for a new adventure and to go through something that would make me grow. Now I'm really understanding how hard missionary work is, I knew before but it's harder now since the first few days my new companion didn't know anything about the sector so it all fell on me. But now everything is great, I love my companion. He told me that he was glad he had me for a companion because for the past 3 changes he has been with companions that were not very motivated, and so he kinda got into the rhythm of not doing much, he said he is glad to have a motivated companion. SO I'm just trying to keep it up. He is a really good companion and he helps a lot as well.

This week we also had 2 baptisms that elder Johnston and I had been teaching before, it's been a cool experience teaching them and watching them step into the waters of baptism. I took a pic. and I will try and send it. Elder Fiscuss and I made cinnamon rolls turned out really good there are some people here who have never tried them before. lol I'm actually cooking a lot more since my new comp. loves to cook. So overall the baptism was really great and next week we have two more! So we are trying to get them ready for that. It's just hard with one of them because he is rarely home for us to teach.

Yeah, also this week was thanksgiving and I didn't even realize it until that day, when I found out it made me think of all the good food back at home and meeting with the cousins at the church. But we really didn't do anything. We just ate some chips and talked, it was weird being hungry on a Thanksgiving night. I couldn't help but to think of all the potatoes and turkey. But yeah overall it was really weird, but the next day we actually went to a members house and ate turkey and potatoes because they knew we celebrate thanksgiving so it made up for the day before. It was really nice, but still it wasn't as good as thanksgiving at home. That's really weird that no one was home for thanksgiving though. The members here are really awesome, they absolutely love the missionaries. They always invite us over for food and love talking with the missionaries. One hermana was telling me that whenever one of her missionaries leaves they take a piece of her heart. And she has so many kids, this family is so awesome. She told me that we always need to tell our moms everything that happens with us. She was telling me and elder Johnston this because she has two of her children out on missions and she was going through a hard time that day and she started to cry when she was telling us. So I was thinking about that, and I hope I tell you enough in my letters to the point where you know that I'm doing good and that I'm safe. So mom I hope you're doing great with two missionaries out, I know you're super strong, but if I don't tell you guys enough let me know lol.

Oh also I got the package! I was way excited, but I was confused when to open everything. So I only opened the yellow one. Thank you so much for the package.

It was actually pretty funny because I could tell that dad wrote the church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints because he put "la iglesia de jesucristo de los cristo de los ultimos dias" so in English he said the Church of Jesus Christ of Christ of latter day saints lol. Come on dad I thought you knew that, haha. But yeah I got the package and I guess I'm going to start to open it on the 1st. And also thank you mom for the family home evening ideas. it's going to help a lot.

I'm glad that also the funeral went well, I would of loved to be their but would of been really hard as well. That's awesome that Steven is leaving Wednesday, he's going to be awesome! Thank you for all the pictures as well dad, send me as many as you can. I have figured out that I get less homesick when I have pictures, because I know I will get a bit homesick when Christmas rolls around.

But I love you all, I hope all the kids are doing great. Thank you to all those who wrote me as well. I also got letters from the Bybee's! So I'm going to try to write them back. I love you all!!

President always says this "AL PROXIMO NIVEL" it means to the next level.
So let's go to the next level. Work hard

Love your,
Elder Pedersen

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