Monday, November 8, 2010

2 Months in Chile!!

Alright, so I'm sending pictures but I figured out that I could only send like 8 each time! Totally lame, so each week I guess I will have to send you pictures. But anyways thank you mom for sending all the pictures of Halloween; it seems like everyone had a good time.
I can't believe you all went up and surprised Shanna and Adam! That's awesome. Give my brudah Adam and Shanna a huge hug for me. What did you guys do the entire weekend?

    Aright so this week was a difficult week because it was pretty dang hot, but then all of the sudden yesterday it got freezing cold. It rained for the first time super hard since I have been here, it was crazy and we had to run around to investigators houses and also go knocking doors with the whole zone. I was soaking wet because I had to jump across basically rivers in the streets because the draining system is so bad here. So it was pretty cold.
     I can't believe dad is already putting up Christmas lights, I feel like it was just a couple of months ago when I was putting them up and having our last Christmas as an entire family for 2 years. That's crazy!
    But anyways this week we really planned well for all of our investigators lessons and what we would teach them. So on Saturday it was packed with lessons, we went out to our first investigators home (the house with the boy and girl about 17 years old) the 17 year old guy really loves English so we helped him out a bit and his sister went to church. So we kept making appointments after appointments. Saturday we went over there and they said that we couldn't come in because their mom and dad didn't want us to. So we said are you interested because we could teach you somewhere else. They said yeah they want to listen to us. So they went in and their mom came out and said they aren't interested in our message, but we told her that they told us they were, so she made her children come out and tell us they weren't interested, and the 17 year old kid said that he only said he would go to church because he wanted to learn English from us. So I was pretty mad that we had been wasting time with them. Well I guess we planted the seed because we taught them once.
  We went by a 7th day Adventist, and he was more interested in teaching us then we teaching him. He was bashing us the whole time and we really couldn't leave because we were in his house. He couldn't get over the fact that in the introduction of the B of M it quotes Joseph smith saying that the book of Mormon is the most correct book on the face of the earth.
So we asked him if he has ever read it and he hasn't, so we told him he can't bash it if he has never read it and then he went off on some other stuff.
  We also went by Jasmine and Pablo's  and taught them the plan of salvation, then after we asked them to go to church and they said maybe and that they aren't church people and she also said that she had to work. So they aren't keeping their commitments, so we might have to drop them because they aren't progressing. It's frustrating because they love us coming over and she says she feels the spirit and we know she does but just refuses to act on it.
   Also this week we found out that a recent convert that elder Johnston baptized before I got here got a girl pregnant, so he really needs help and we are trying to visit him as much as possible and take him to lessons with us that also happens a lot here btw. So he said he was going to go to church but didn't go.
     So overall our investigators aren't doing much. There are so many people out there that need this wonderful message in their lives and our searching for it. And sometimes it feels like we are wasting time on people who don't want to do anything even though they feel the spirit.
 But it's like you said Dad in your dear elder. I'm trying to find that grandpa Henrions that convert and change their lives and with them hundreds of lives become converted from just that one convert. I want to find that person, it's hard sometimes, but I know it can be done with the guidance and the help of the spirit. This gospel is so amazing, I'm realizing how true and important this gospel is to me. And I want people to have this in their lives. The happiness, hope and prepared blessings that God has in store for them. This gospel is so true and I know this because every time I testify the spirit tells me what I am saying is true.
  Also this week we are having are changes a week early, so the week after next there will be changes and I know elder Johnston is leaving, its happening because we have 24 new missionaries coming in! It's a huge group.
  Hope you all have a safe drive back home. I love you all.
I'm going to try and download the pictures. Work hard! Choose the right!

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