Monday, November 1, 2010

Exhausted and loving it!

Hi my family, oh and dad I always say thank you for your letters. And I really am thankful for all the great advice and doctrine that you give me in your letters. And last week I printed your letter off and read it, but I didn't see Mom's letter in there, so I hurried and sent Mom an E-mail. I just needed both of my parents to write me. Just one wasn't good enough; I always need both of my parents. But don't worry I will make it up by sending pictures. This week I totally forgot to bring the cord with me to use the internet so I couldn't up load them on the computer. I'm sorry!!! I want to send pictures. But also I still have a lot more things I need to take pictures of. 
Gosh I have not written any hand letters being here in Chile. I'm so busy every p-day. I'm lucky to get any rest. But next week we are planning on dedicating all p-day to catching up on letters and what not. But anyways I'm glad Halloween went good. Halloween yesterday was just the same as it is in the  states.

Alright this week was a bit difficult. We had tons of people to teach and we tried to get them to church but only one came. It's so annoying some times. Because we do all we can and they don't go. But this week we had some ups and downs, first we went by the kids house that we found and when we went over there we found out that he has like 2 girlfriends, so he said to come by later. So later that night we came back and we thought it would be good because it was a chance to teach them with his mom. So we went over and we sang a song and the entire time they just kept laughing and the girls just kept flirting with me we really tried to bring the Spirit but they were not open at all. His girlfriend kept flirting with me and scooting closer and closer until I was off the couch. That's when I was just fed up with it, there was no Spirit there. I just wanted to leave. So I was in such a bad mood the rest of the night, because the kid had such hope and when we would go over there he was totally interested and would listen to everything we had to say, but then he had to get some girlfriends. It destroyed everything, and it's all because of the adversary.
Some good things have happened this week that were way awesome. We went to a mission conference and the Mission President and his wife spoke and also Elder Corbridge who is of the quorum of the 70. It was so amazing we were there for 5 hours. You might see pic. on the website but the president and everyone spoke in Spanish. President Laycock was so powerful when he spoke, you can really see the love he has for every elder in the mission. Then Elder Corbridge talked for a while and it was hard to understand him when he was speaking Spanish. But it was really good. He talked about including the atonement in every part of the lesson and he said the only true way to have the Lord as your companion is to give up those things of the world, give up and tell the Lord I won't fight you anymore. He said a lot of other great stuff as well.
Then the next day we went to the temple which was awesome because we get to go every 6 weeks and I love it; such a blessing. We saw there President Mckonkie who spoke in conference and he shook all of our hands. He spoke to the adults here but he had to have a translator with him because he doesn't speak Spanish.
Then later in the week we had a returned missionary who has two nieces who wanted to be baptized, so we taught them 3 times this week. It's funny too because one of the girls totally thinks that she has to know everything to be baptized. She has been going to church with her aunt so she knows a lot, but we had to explain to her that she doesn't have to know everything. She had tons of questions. She kind of reminded me of myself. I always have questions as you all know. So after teaching them about almost everything we asked them to be baptized and they accepted! So that was totally awesome. I'm really noticing that you truly have to keep in contact with your investigators daily or else the adversary works on them. That is what we are seeing with some of our investigators.
  This week has been hard for me with the language though. I'm realizing how much I want to teach them and really be able to express myself and I want to get to know people. I feel like I am worrying about the language too much. So I'm really taking it slow and I'm realizing that when I stress about the language and try to cram Spanish in my head I don't memorize as much as if I were to just take it slow. So I'm trying not to stress myself out.
I know a lot of Spanish, but these people talk sooo  Can you send me a package with Chilean modismos and games or teaching tools that would be good for family home evenings or something,  also more pictures of the family.
Well I love you all and Dad you are definitely included in that as well. I brag about my parents all the time. I love you mom and dad.
I truly feel your prayers and support for me in every part of this work. Thank you for everything. And Kenny, Kellin, and Daniel listen and be respectful to Mom and Dad always.
Have a great week
con amor,
Elder pedersen

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