Monday, November 15, 2010

Lovin' Chile!!

Thank you for all the letters, I was so glad to hear that you all had fun up in Idaho. I could tell it was a great trip because Mom wrote about it twice. I'm glad it was good; I'm surprised it wasn't cold. Yeah I don't have to wear a jacket here either... It's so hot! And it's only going to get hotter. Also I haven't received any letters from Elicia or Breanne. I was kind of disappointed to know that they have been writing me but I haven't got the letters from them. Did they E-mail or actually write a letter? Because I didn't get anything.

I'm glad you guys liked the pictures, I will try to send some more. And no I haven't had time to really cook much. We have BBQs all the time though and they are really good because the meat is really fresh. You guys would love some of the food they cook here, their bread especially. I have really gotten used to all the food here now; it's all good until you find a piece of hair or something in it lol. I have gotten that a lot actually.

It's so weird though to know that I have been here for 2 1/2 months. Sometimes it feels like it and other times not so much. That's pretty awesome that Kenny is getting straight A's and that he passed his license test. Now he can actually drive around legally. I hope the rest of the kids are doing great and they are working hard. It's weird to think that Thanksgiving is coming up and I won't be home for it. But it's okay, I love the mission and Shanna and Chanelle will know how I feel not being home.

Well this week was a good week, it was a hard week because a lot of our investigators dropped us but I could feel the hand of the Lord behind me the whole way and helping me. I know when I put all of my trust in the hands of the lord and do all I can, he will be their every step of the way and I will be able to accomplish anything. I really am gaining a testimony of prayer, the Lord helps me so much with the language every day I am out here, and I'm trying my best with a prayer always in my heart. I am actually starting to understand the people surprisingly and talk back. I think about it sometimes and look back at when I first got here and there is no way I could have learned anything here and know what I know now if it weren't for my Heavenly Father helping me. He is there and always will be through the power of prayer.

Also this week is changes. This change has gone by so fast and I know elder Johnston is leaving because he has been here way too long, so I will most likely stay here and be in charge of this sector. It kind of scares me to be in charge of a sector because everything depends on me and this ward I'm in is one of the biggest wards and they all look to the missionaries for everything, but I can do it.

Also, the couple that I was talking about; Jasmine and Pablo, we have eaten once with them and decided to go over their this week to teach the plan of salvation to them, and so we did and after asked them if they would come to church and they said they couldn't go because of work. And they kept asking questions like "If we were to join your church could we still go to the Catholic church", they just don't understand the importance of this gospel even though we have taught them so many times and thought they understood. So that night we dropped them, it really stunk because we want this so bad for these people and they just won't keep their commitments. So we have basically filtered out all of our investigators that weren't progressing. But we went to a less actives house this week that we haven't seen for a while and we visited them and gave them blessings because they weren't doing good, and during the blessing the spirit of the Lord was there and they could really feel the love our Heavenly Father has for them. I know they could feel it too because I did. So we invited them to church and they accepted after first finding them in my first two weeks here. This family is not a family that has a lot of friends, But they came to church and totally loved it, the members here really fellowshipped them and made them feel like they have always been going to church. and in priesthood meeting he and his son were in the class and the teacher asked anyone if they have had any experience with baptism and he bore his testimony and talked about how baptism has changed he and his wife's lives and will soon change the life of his son because his son is not baptized yet and he started crying saying how he and his wife have been inactive for 12 years and I really felt the love Heavenly Father has for this family. Now they really have the true happiness in their lives because of the gospel. It was a really good experience. The more I get to know the people in this sector; my love grows for each one of them.

Well I got to go, thank you for the letters everyone and all your love and support.
For all those who wrote and hopefully I receive I am trying to write back.
I hope you guys have another great week. I will let you know how changes go this next week. I love you all.

Work hard, be your best.

Love Elder Pedersen

P.S. if you were wondering about the kites, they fly kites
a lot here and sometimes the string has glass in it and they have competitions.
It reminds me of the kite runner.
Also the picture I sent on the bike was my companion and I trying to be dumb and dumber. lol 

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