Monday, November 22, 2010

Great Success!!

Wow, I cannot believe what you wrote me. When I received the e-mail, I could not believe what had happened. I was speechless and just stared at the screen. I could not imagine going through what the Whitney's are going through at this moment. I really love that family, they have such strong testimonies in the gospel, I cannot believe something would happen like that to a family that is so amazing but I know that we live in an imperfect world. I just feel like bawling thinking about what they are going through but Like Chanelle said it would be hard to go through something like that without the gospel to lean on, we are so blessed to have this gospel in our lives that give us such great hope for life after this, when something like that happens it really makes you think of life in a greater perspective, And it gives such comfort to ones soul that there is something better after this life and God has a plan for his children and there is an opportunity to live with our families forever. My love goes to that family as well. They will definitely be in my prayers.

        This week by the way was changes and my companion left (elder Johnston) it really stunk but I was ready for a new adventure and to grow more. I have learned so much from him, he is awesome. It was sad to see him go but I will see him again since he lives in Florida. Well you guessed it, I'm in charge of the sector (chayavientos) one of the best wards in the missions. I was really nervous when I was told about the changes; Elder Johnston got called to be zone leader which I figured. Everybody in my zone is gone except me and 3 others, the two other newbie's left and I stayed. But my new companion is Elder Fiscuss,
he was in my same zone. He is a good guy, let's just say I will be pushing myself a lot this change, because his last few companions were lazy.
  This week we had conference with President Laycock for 3 days in a row, it was really good, I learned a lot. The president is so good at speaking; he and his wife have so much love for the missionaries here like we are their children.
   This week has been good though, we are seeing miracles happen all around us in this sector, next week we have 2 baptisms and the week after 2 more. Elder Johnston and I were trying to be bold and bring the spirit and get straight to the point. So we did and we set a couple of baptism dates.
  That is crazy that Steven Card is leaving in a bit, that's good that his dad was there, I pray that his moms heart will be softened. I got a letter from him, Coffman's and grandma Henrion! Tell them I said thank you for the letters and I'm trying to write those that have written me back.
   I love the quote you gave me Mom, it was so perfect. Sometimes I don't understand why people don't accept this great message and why they think all paths lead to eternal life and why people mock us for teaching the truth. But they are mistaken; this is the only path to eternal life. I love this gospel and teaching it. My testimony increases every time I testify of it.
Work hard & choose the right.
Elder Pedersen

P.s. what's going on with Devin and Skyler?
Tell them to write me!!

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