Monday, October 25, 2010

Finding the lost...

     Alright well I'm glad I got your letter Mom, I knew you wouldn't forget about writing me. We weren't able to e-mail until so late because we were having a big BBQ with our zone that my companion and I planned. Also what I forgot to tell you last week mom is that I got your letter finally. Thank you for sharing it with me, I loved reading it. That was so awesome that you found Chanelle's book of Mormon. just like Chanelle said it is really nerve racking to share sometimes because you feel like it could ruin the friendship, and I know before my mission it was hard to do that but the mission really gets rid of that fear. But I know that if God told you and inspired you through the Holy Ghost, it won't ruin any friendship, God always provides a way. I'm really glad the family had a great week with the Halloween party and all. It totally made me think of last year when I dressed up like a But yeah I will have to look at the pictures. I love getting pictures by the way of the family. Thank you Dad for sending those pictures to me, and don't worry about me, I know I'm not forgotten, I know I am loved. I feel it even though I don't get a lot of letters.

It's so weird to think Chanelle is at her half way mark! Everyone here says that the mission goes by so fast; I want to take advantage of every single moment to learn and grow. I still have so much to learn and I want to be the missionary and the disciple of his Son that he wants me to be, I want to give my all to my Heavenly Father, I want my edges to be smoothed. Even though I cannot speak the language and say all I want to say in the way I would like and get to know the people like I want to get to know them. I know if I give my all to the Lord, he will make up the difference. I have really noticed that when I bear testimony or teach. I don't need to use big words or give them a in depth lesson for the spirit to be there, and I'm just now noticing that. I get frustrated sometimes when I can't really express myself like I want to, but I know with the Lords help I will get to that point. I just need to be patient and give my Heavenly Father all I have.

Alright well this week was a really good week, Elder Johnston and I have been truly trying to keep the spirit with us where ever we go so when we teach a lesson or just talk to someone on the street they will notice something different about us. And also I have been looking for the Lord's hand through every day, because we all know that his help is their but sometimes we just don't look. And with striving to keep the spirit with us, I have noticed that when we look we truly find so much. This week we have been blessed with finding a lot of people to teach and they all love us, we got some investigators to church and some niños to activities and they love it because the church members really fellowship them. But yeah are teaching pool is getting pretty full, so it's totally awesome, now we have to get them to progress. It get's kind of irritating sometimes because we are teaching a family and the mom is cool but she doesn't believe we have a prophet or apostles, no matter what we say, and her son that came to play soccer for mutual didn't want to go to church or read, so we watched a Mormon message on the infinite power of hope and after we saw it they were like ¨wow¨. So we asked if they would go to church but they said no and the son was scared to stand up against his mom. But her daughter had her friend over and at the end of the lesson we asked if she would go to church and she said yes. It was a good thing her friend was their or else she wouldn't have agreed to come to church. So they came on Sunday and they really liked it. But the irritating part is when we teach people like that they feel the spirit and we know they do, but they deny it. Same with Jasmine, we went to teach her and she said when she was sick this past week, she would think of our visits and think of the peace she felt when we were over. We taught her and know she feels the spirit but doesn't act on it. She didn't go to church with her husband, But I think this week she will go. She is really awesome but she doesn't realize that the lord is answering her. She feels that since she hasn't received an answer that she should not be going to church yet. So we had a lesson on the Holy Ghost. what we did yesterday is go over there to see why she didn't go to church, we sat down with her and sang a song and said a prayer and we got up to leave she and her mom looked at us like they were going to cry because we were not going to teach them, and so we tried to get her to understand that we are not the church, she has to go to feel that peace. So I thought that was really good. We made a goal this week to go into the house and teach and when the spirit testifies then we just leave. We notice that when we mingle, then the spirit starts to slowly leaves and it's been good doing that.

This week we have had just a bunch of people come up to us and bash the church and us. One guy came up to us and said in English ¨go home, why are you here? ¨ My companion said he has never gotten so many people come up to him in his whole mission as much as there has been in this change with me. It's crazy. That's why it's so important to have your testimony in beaded deep within you.

But other than that this week has been really good, along with being exhausted everyday. Tell the Coffman's for sending me letters, and also tell them that yes, the minors are out of the mine. I didn't think you guys knew about that. But yeah they are out. Way cool.

Also what's weird is that people keep telling me that it's getting cold there and snowing in the mountains. Well here it's not like that at all; it is starting to get really hot. I thought today was really hot but apparently this is nothing. I'm not looking forward to Christmas and Thanksgiving in 120 degree weather. It's going to be so different when that happens. Mom and Dad keep sending me pictures and also if you send packages can you put some short sleeve shirts in there because I only have two.

Well tell everyone, all the boys and McKenna that I love them. Give McKenna a big kiss from me to her. Well I also love getting news about the family, so keep me updated on everything.

Well I have to get to work. Love you all and have a great Halloween. I will send you pictures, I have to take some more and I will probably just send it through the e-mail next week because if I send it in a letter it will take about 1 month or more.

I love you all, stand strong and be your best!!
With love more than you know,

Elder Pedersen

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