Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Great Week!! October 11, 2010

This week was a good week. I had my first baptism! It was a guy named Giovanni, he is such a stud! He is about 16 and he is the boyfriend of a member, so we would always go there and teach him, our last lesson was about the 10 commandments and the laws and ordinances of the gospel, at the end the whole family was sitting at the table and elder Johnston and I were both bearing our testimonies and then he just started bawling, he really felt the spirit strong and he received his testimony of the truthfulness of the gospel; so he is totally solid. Later his mom was invited over for a family home evening at the members home and so we taught the atonement and a really simple lesson but powerful and then after watched the end of the testaments and it was awesome. She was asking a lot of questions. Sunday she came for Giovanni's baptism and she was bawling as he was baptized, she was flipping through the pages of the new temple Liahona, looking at the pictures and then she started to cry even more, so she walked out after it was over and cried in the hall. She is totally going to get baptized. lol. But something funny happened this week when I was asking Giovanni the baptismal questions to make sure he was ready, I started reading the questions, and without knowing it I asked him if he had ever had an abortion, he looked and me really confused and then my companion explained what I said and then we all laughed, and then while I was bearing my testimony to him I was saying how excited I was for him and I ended up saying I am very animal for him, lol and I didn't even notice what I had said until later. I wondered why he was looking at me weird. But it's all good, he understood.

Another thing that he said that was really cool was that the only way he could have felt the spirit as strong as he did was because of us. He said it had to have been us two because he has talked to other missionaries but he said that it was different with us. So I thought that was really cool, he is awesome.

We also tracted into a family after praying to know where to track, and we found this lady and her son and we ended up singing a song at the door, her 6 year old son totally loves us, so we came back and her sister who had just came back from school was there and she listened to our message and we brought a member too which was good. We taught about baptism and it totally made sense to them, everything we were saying. They have never talked to missionaries before so it was good, and my companion asked if they wanted to be baptized like Jesus Christ and be cleansed from all their sins and they said yes! So we hope everything goes well.

On the other side of things, those two people that I was telling you about that had us over once, were super excited about what we were teaching them and we gave them a chapter to read. My companion and another elder went over their when I was on divisions and she said she read the chapter 3 times! And she had a doubt, and it was that the chapter seemed too strong. Because it says in there that all those that don't believe the words are going to be thrust down to hell. It's so irritating because they are obviously looking for the truth but the adversary puts thoughts and doubts in their minds, so it's so frustrating. We told them that God only established one way. We have tried to set up appointments but they try to avoid us now. So pray for them. Their names are Pablo and Jasmine.

We also took a couple that was baptized about two months ago on a temple tour and they are totally ready to go in and be sealed together. The husband is so amazing, he knows so much already. They watched and loved conference; they also have 3 other kids which one of them is already baptized. I could totally see this guy being a bishop or stake president. Whenever he bears testimony I totally feel the spirit. He is the guy I told you about that knows English. He speaks to me somtimes.lol The wife was crying too when we were on the temple tour; we walked into the front part the temple and she started to cry. They are an awesome family.

Dad thanks for the pics. the garden is huge! I was laughing so hard when I saw the picture of McKenna and Daniel lol. I love them just keep sending more, they don't make me homesick. To answer some of the questions, my living conditions are actually pretty good. We have one of the nice apartments apparently. I'm not going to lie when I first got to the pension I thought it was so disgusting, but I guess there are some that are way worse. I will have to show you pictures. And no we don't clap our hands, we yell ¨halo¨ and then we hit our ring on the outside of the metal fence, that's what we do when tracting. I have actually only literally knocked on a door once. I'm still getting used to going tracting, that's one thing that I'm really trying to work on, and get better at. Everyone in the mission walks btw.

Well I got to go. I'm really loving the mission and gaining a greater love and knowledge for this gospel every day.

Next week is changes so I'm kinda scared to find out whether I will leave or go; we are both hoping we stay together. I don't want to leave. it's totally true what you said Mom how I have been put here for a reason, The lord truly knew what I needed the most and who I would learn the most from. I have truly learned so much being here in this area and with this companion. So I will let you all know next week.

Well I love you all, thank you for all your letters and I'm glad to hear the family is good, I pray for you all every day. I love each and every one of you,

Keep working hard. I will try to send pictures. I might send hard photo copies, cause I don't want to lose the memory card; or would it be better to just download the pictures onto my letter?

Con Amor,
Your Elder Pedersen

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