Monday, October 18, 2010

First Change!!

And I'm staying!!

We were so happy to get the call that we were staying, I didn't want to leave at all and neither did Elder Johnston. we were freaking out all night wondering whether we would leave this ward or not so we were passing by people's houses that we wanted to say good bye to just in case. So we visited Giovanni and told him how much we loved him and how much of an example he was to us, and whatever happened to us we wanted to tell him thank you for everything, he is such a solid investigator, he is totally amazing and will definitely not fall, when we teach the lessons we always teach with his girlfriends family who are members, so he is always being fellowshipped and as we were telling him that we really appreciated him and bearing our testimonies he started to cry. He is so awesome! Man I love that guy. I will have to send pics.

Well I'm glad to hear everybody is doing good. I pray for the family every night. Tell people to write me, I feel like people have forgotten me. I wish I could write the family and some friends but I seriously have no time, every p-day is so stressful. It is supposed to be relaxing but I have to run around places doing stuff that I cant do during the rest of the week, and I never have time to write people. So tell people I said sorry for not writing, also tell Devin and Skyler to write me, and if they want they can e-mail me too.

This week was a week of miracles. Elder Johnston and I started a fast for our investigators because a lot of people are having concerns or not really understanding the importance of this message and the adversary is really working on them, especially Jasmine and Pablo who I was telling you about. We went over there the other day and her Mom and aunt was there with her. So we started just talking with them and I tried to speak with what I knew how to say, and we talked about some of the problems she had with the book of Mormon and her mom and sister was asking us questions, so we started talking and pretty soon we were really getting into a great discussion, and the spirit was really strong. At the end when we were bearing our testimonies all of them had tears in their eyes, and her mom said ¨Wow I have a different feeling, it's really peaceful", and then she started crying, we told her that it was not us but the spirit. Then at the end we sang a song to all of them ¨I know my Savior Lives" and after we finished, Jasmine was bawling. The spirit was really testifying to them. We invited her to come to church but she said that she felt like she had not got that strong conviction yet, so we explained that it's not going to come immediately. The lord tests the faith of all his children. Her Mom then said we could come back because we are angels. Which was awesome, they are totally amazing. I hope they continue to be awesome, sometimes it just stinks though because I want to say so much but I can't say everything I want to say or express myself the way I want to. I guess it will just take practice and I have to speak even though I may mess up and I know the Lord will help me. After that we visited another family that wasn't really progressing, so I wanted to figure out a way to really get that fire going, So we planned what we would do and we decided to watch a Mormon message on hope which elder Johnston hasn't ever done before with people. We did it and the mom was crying after and the little son said the prayer, which we were surprised because it's hard teaching when all their kids are restless, but we got them excited to go to church, so they said they would go next week because this week they were going out of town.

Also that same week we found another kid that was in the streets one day and we passed by him and his friends were drunk and they were yelling at us in English like every kid does so me and elder Johnston were sick of kids doing that. So we went up to them and started speaking in English asking them questions, and they got all nervous and didn't know what to say, but there was one kid whop wasn't drunk and hated his friends drinking. so we kept passing by this kid on the street so we asked if we could teach him and he said yes and we taught him, and he already read the pamphlet we gave him and prayed, he is really awesome. We are excited to see what will happen.

I'm so glad that I am staying here, there are so many awesome people here, this next exchange is going to be awesome, we really want to step it up with teaching and being obedient so we can have the spirit with us. We have seen what can happen when we have the spirit with us. I'm so excited for this next change. I can't wait to see what will happen with these people. We know God has put them in our path for a reason, now we have to try to bring them back to the fold.

This gospel is so amazing, I don't know how many times I have said it but I learn so much each week, I'm trying each week to be the disciple of Jesus Christ my heavenly father wants me to be. Thank you for your letters. I also loved that quote you sent mom. Keep letting me know how the family is doing each week, I love hearing about each one of them. Tell Daniel I said good luck at the Craterian, and tell the rest of the family I love and miss them all.

I will try to send pictures either through e-mail or send the card home. Oh also if you could, send some candy from home to me and some jerky. So many people love it here and they don't have any of it. (Reese's, 3 musketeers) stuff like that. I would love that. If you can that would be awesome!

Love you all, can't wait to hear from you again, hope I answered all your questions.
Well I got to go,

Elder Pedersen

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