Monday, June 25, 2012

Last tour of Santiago with President Laycock..2 WEEKS!

I'm so jealous of the fact that you all went to see Chanelle dance and go to Big Judd's! But its okay it gets me all the more excited to see you all and have fun like that. It's so weird when I hear all you have done in Idaho this past weekend, it's a reminder of how fast time has flown by. I totally remember when I went their right before I left on the mission and it sometimes feels like a dream with all that has happened in these past two years.

By the way there is really nothing trunkier or nothing said that puts it into perspective that you're going home soon than when your mom asks you what you want her to cook for you when you get home. Lol                

I think that I just truly miss a good steak and also just some good breakfast food with a cold glass of milk. Ha-ha weird huh? But that's really what sticks out to me in the little bit of food that I can remember from the states. Mom, I think just any food made by you will do and be loved.

By the way, thank you mom for signing me up for my classes cause I was kind of worried about that and so I hope that everything goes well. Thank you for the, I can't imagine the two annoying hours of talking on the phone to get my classes all figured out.

This week was when all the trunky things happened. I first made all my invitations and sent them off to people that I want to see before I leave, and on Friday I went with my group to take a tour of Santiago and it was pretty cool but since President is leaving and doesn't usually do them 2 weeks early like he did with our group, they tried not to make the trip or tour very trunky for us and so it was a little different but it was cool to be able to see some stuff that I hadn't seen before in Santiago. I think the coolest part was when we went through the temple for the last time with president (which yes means that Skyler and I won't be able to see each other before I leave because I didn't know it would happen so soon) and so at the end president gave us all a huge hug and just cried. But it was funny because they couldn't tell us yet that we were done and tell us that we had done a good job but he still cried like always. Ha-ha. The spirit was really strong there.
After that I had my last exit interview with President that I will tell more in detail when I get home. But it was a really spiritual experience where the spirit was so strong and I felt while he gave me the blessing, (that he gives to everyone) that God was really pleased with the decision that I have made to come on a mission and that he is as well pleased with what I have done and that my mission has become what the Lord wanted it to be for me. It was a really comforting blessing.

Tomorrow we have a family home evening with President and sister Laycock. It's going to, I think be an emotional rollercoaster for President and Sister Laycock as well for us missionaries, but I'm excited. It's basically all night.

Also I think we will be pushing the baptism of my investigators to my last Sunday because she has to stop smoking and it has become hard for her to do it. But I hope and pray that she will be able to stop so I can be here for her baptism.

Well I almost can't hold it in any more or contain myself about how excited I am to be able to see everybody. It's hard to do it though without making those I live with the same way. I'm kind of scared at the same time, I kind of have mixed feelings but I know that all I have learned here in the mission will be a crutch to lean on for me when I get home. I'm excited you can say for the real mission to start after the mission and to be able to put into practice all that I have learned. I now have direction in my life of where I want to go and how to be able to become the person I want to be.
I know the church is true and that we have the one and only authority in this church and that we have a living prophet that leads and guides us today who is called of God. Of this I have no doubt.

I love you all. Que Aferran a la barra de hierro siempre

Con Amor,
Su Eíder favorito,
Eíder Pedersen

This was an excerpt from Sister Laycock:

On July 9 and 10, these wonderful missionaries are scheduled to complete their mission service in the Chile, Santiago East Mission. President and Sister Laycock wanted to have a special day with them to celebrate their successful missions. We went to the Temple together. Then we had a wonderful meal of mashed potatoes, gravy, avacado salad, turkey, and flaun for dessert. It was wonderful in every way. We talked about what the Lord expects from these faithful men and women after they return home.

After lunch, we took a little tour to see the important land marks of Santiago. We ended at Los Dominicos, the church that is pictured on the 2 mil peso bill. We thoroughly enjoyed our time with these missionaries. Not just on this special day, but on every day in which they served with us in the Chile, Santiago Mission. We will always have a special place in our hearts for these fine young servants of our Heavenly Father. They really are remarkable in every way. We love them all so much.

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